Signs of Spring!


Pink Azaleas are Blooming
Pink Azaleas are Blooming
First Spiderwort for the Year
Kayaks are on the Ramp and ready to GO!
The Annuals that made it through the Winter are even Prettier
The Leaves are falling off of the Live Oaks. Onto the Dill that just sprouted.
Tomato Plants
And the Tomato Plants are in. The squirrels are so excited!






4 thoughts on “Signs of Spring!

  1. Ah, the land of the living. Good to see green and growing and flowers. It is so gray here and we can’t get the temperature to the seasonal range.

  2. My peach tree is so happy! The azaleas are just starting here. My little blueberry bush has the cutest blooms that will soon become berries 🙂 (I hope it rains tomorrow, they all need some water)

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