Some fun websites

No pics today. Not even a fitness post.  I’m just sharing some fun websites. But isn’t laughter the best medicine?

First, Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?  I didn’t realize that I was in love with Ryan Gosling until I watched Crazy Stupid Love.  Jes watched it with me and gave me this website. (Actually she gave me all of these websites) Love it.  Only disappointment is that they don’t update it anymore.  Hey, if they need puppy pics, I’ll be happy to send then a few. They just have to provide the Ryan Gosling photos.

Then there is the highly topical Suri website–Suri’s Burnbook.  This one is updated regularly and is quite amusing.  Why does Suri hate so much?

Hipster puppies used to be one of my favorite blogs but they decided to write a book and quit updating. Now it’s one big ad for the BOOK. Which I might have bought if they had just kept updating! But just go back to previous posts to see cute pooches with hipster attitude. Although I’m protesting the book, here’s the website:

And here’s another hipster website that is all about selling the book.  Perhaps I’m just jealous that I haven’t come up with a book!  Anyhow, the only reason I think this is funny is that thIs is exactly how we all dressed when I was young and way cool. Of course, I’m still young and way cool–but not that young. Confused? Me too!


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