Some more of my ramblings….

Happy Friday!

I apologize to all my northern friends and relatives before I even start whining cause I know that we just got the tip of the iceberg but it was cold here yesterday!  And windy.

I went out long enough to get the mail, feed the birds, and fill up the bird baths.  Speaking of….

If you look at my Project 365 photos, you already saw this pic.


Every winter we get invaded by robins.  Yeah, they are a sign of spring in the north, but here the arrival of 10,000 robins mean lots of bird poo and I have to fill up the bird baths a couple times a day.  

Okay, you’re thinking if it’s such a hardship, just let them go empty.  But no, those birds depend on me. I put those bird baths out there and those robins are very very thirsty. On those extremely rare mornings that the bird baths freeze over, I put hot water in them so they’ll thaw.    I have an awesome responsibility.   Those robins need to get north so they can be the sign of spring in a few months!  To give hope to my northern friends!

Since I spent 98% of the day inside of the house yesterday, I started on some projects. Unfortunately, perhaps too many projects to finish in one day (or maybe I got distracted and watched a movie instead) and now three rooms have experienced major explosions of stuff and can’t be walked through safely. We can only hope it’s cold again today so I can attempt to get the debris contained.

I searched the paper for things to do this weekend and I got nothing.  Okay, there are things to do, there always is.  Just nothing I want to do. But I’ll find something, otherwise I’ll be stuck here in the house cleaning up all these messes.

Hope you have a great weekend! 

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  1. Thank you for taking such good care of our robins. We miss them and will be glad to see them again in the spring. Amazing picture!

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