Spread your tiny wings and fly away

In case you’re not old enough to remember that bit of a lyric, it’s from Snowbird by Anne Murray.  And if you do remember it, now you have that ear worm for the rest of the day.

And that’s the subject of this post. (Snowbird, not ear worm)

We were in North Dakota for six weeks.  Does that make me a snowbird?  Say it isn’t so!  I’ve been pondering it.  Keeping awake at night.  Tossing, turning.

So I looked Snowbird up on Wikipedia.  Not much help but it did mention that many snowbirds have RVs.  I don’t have one of those. Hey, I was only away for six weeks!  And I’ve endured those 24-hour sauna deep south summers since 1982.  

I’ve decided that you’re not a snowbird unless you arrive after Thanksgiving and leave before Easter.  Everyone okay with that definition?  Now I can sleep again.


Because I was in the great white north for six weeks, I got to experience a lot of ND family life.

I attended Riley’s first football game of the season.  (And possibly his last.)

Riley’s number 20. By the way, he weighs 80 pounds and he’s in the 8th grade.  He’s small but FAST!
He’s got the ball. Keep an eye on number 72.  That’s one big 8th grader!
Go Riley!
And he’s down.
That little pile of black uniform back there is our Riley!
Oh yeah, a mild concussion and whiplash. But back up and at school the next day. No football until cleared by TWO doctors and the coach. Riley, it’s time to take up cross country.

I was entertained by this little lady for six weeks.

Piper Baking
Doesn’t she look like Suzy Homemaker? Adorable!  She should have her own baking show! And she needs a Kitchen Aid Mixer.  She’s going pro!

And I got to meet this darling baby when she was about 3 minutes old.  

Adley the Queen, 25 days old!

Gonna miss everyone but it was really COLD on our final walk with Maggie and the wind force was almost at cat 1 hurricane strength. Give me some Florida Sunshine!

Oh, and by the way, the bunch of them are coming to Florida in about seven weeks. (Except for Alan–someone has to stay and drive the train and keep that oil boom going!) So I’ve got some more quality grandkid lovin’ time coming up!

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  1. OMG Poor Riley ! I’ve seen those ‘huge 8th graders’ (9th graders in our case) – very scary. Will has been playing this year too. Drafted I think. He enjoys it, so far. Since he’s never played before, he’s defense (#71).

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