St. Patrick’s Day in Crystal River

(set to the tune girls, girls, girls by Motley Crue)




You know I love a parade. 

And dogs. Yes, love those pooches.

What could be better than a PARADE of DOGS!

Terry and I traveled up the road a bit to finally, after all these years, see the St Patrick’s Dog Parade hosted by Burke’s of Ireland Pub in Crystal River.

And it was better than even I expected!

First we watched the pre-parade entertainment from Muttsville Comix.  Dogs did some death-defying tricks on the high wire, up ladders, and hoisted into the air. A conga line, some jumping in and out of boxes and through hoops.

It made me kind of sad because those dogs–in all shapes, sizes, and breeds–didn’t look like they were enjoying it.

But then came the best part.  The entire pack just ran amuck.  Led by a very brave Jack Russell.  Three times.  Three times they broke through the barrier and went out to meet the audience.  Dogs gone wild!  

The trainer wasn’t too happy.  Told everyone in the audience to keep their dogs back.  Way back from his show.

Come on. He didn’t know that we were at a DOG PARADE?  


And then we met a bunch of pooches…

dogsAnd the parade started!

Not just dogs, but people!

People in the parade
The parade was on the sidewalk! No traffic problems! We can try this in Old Homosassa when we get our sidewalks!

But the dogs were the best.

dogsAfter the parade the party continued.  

We stopped in at the wine bar and then took a walk through Burke’s of Ireland.

But I just wasn’t ready at 10:30 am for a green beer or even a Guinness.

But this guy must have already been hitting the bar….


Too many green beers? 

Total fun on a sunny Tuesday morning!

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