Such a failure

Gotta admit it’s not the first time in my life, but I’ve fallen off of the healthy living wagon. Again.

I didn’t lose any weight this week, I perhaps even gained an ounce or two. Heavy sigh.  I’ve been eating lots of comfort food and not exercising every morning.  

But I’m not too worried about it.  Back at the old fitness routine starting today.  

Not promising anything about the food intake, though.  I’m making lasagna.  Three different varieties.  And it all must be tested before storing in the freezer for guests that will soon be arriving.  Did I mention that lasagna is my all-time favorite food? And even I can’t screw up lasagna!

And there will be some muffins baked up this weekend to join the lasagna on a freezer shelf.  That’s a standard breakfast item, along with fruit and yogurt, for overnighters here at Perfect.  We are busy, busy, busy plus our guests get up whenever they feel like it.  Again, the delicious fluffy homemade muffins must be tasted before storage.  Wouldn’t want to serve my friends and family sub par food!

It’s Terry’s mother’s 90th birthday party in a few weeks.   Family from throughout the country are making plans to attend the big event. And our out of town kids will be spending some time here.  So excited!

Also excited about the Three Sisters Springs open house tomorrow.  After kayaking there last weekend, I’m even more interested in how to help save our springs. Hope all my local readers plan to attend!

Candy Bowl
I don’t suppose this bowl of comfort food has anything to do with my diet dilemma!


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  1. You’re a beautiful tall woman, five pounds more or five pounds less! Any body that can drink beer and still shed weight is my hero. Enjoy your family and keep celebrating life:-).

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