Suncoast Diner

Suncoast Diner

A couple of our neighbors suggested we stop at the Suncoast Diner.

We were like.


But, after a few months, we decided to actually try the place.

So that was Sunday and I wanted to go to a nice place in Crystal River on the water.  

But then reality hit me in the head and I knew that experience would be something like our dining at Stumpknockers on the River last week.  Lots and lots and lots of tourists and our northern friends. And a very long wait at the ladies room.

So we stopped at Suncoast Diner.  Someplace I really never expected us to try.  

Here it is…

Suncoast Diner
Just north of Homosassa Springs. On the right. Kind of across from McDonalds.  It’s in the same building as a pawn shop. You might not be able to read that sign but it says that the diner got the Best of the Best for 2015 for Breakfast.  That’s our local newspaper’s readers choice award.
Suncoast Diner
Another view

The place was PACKED!  No tables open.  We sat at the bar.  I can’t actually ever remember sitting at the bar of a diner.  (I’ve sat at plenty of bars but not at a diner bar before–well, I might have either blocked it out or just don’t remember)

Suncoast Diner
Here’s the daily special board. Actually liked that!

It was interesting.  We got to watch the two cooks slaving over a hot stove and the two servers rushing around. Kind of fun.  Kind of different.  And I gotta say, our lunches were unbelieveably good.  

And huge!

Suncoast Diner
My blackened chicken sandwich with HOME MADE french fries.
Suncoast Diner
Terry’s chicken parmesan with HOME MADE french fries.

The only complaint I have is TOO MUCH FOOD!  Guess what we had for dinner?  Blackened chicken and chicken parmesan.  

Gotta say those are the BEST FRENCH FRIES ever.  I’m not a big FF lover.  Mostly because they are pulled out of the bag and thrown into the fryer.  Blah.

Not these, when I told our server how much I loved them, she said that it takes two days to make the fries.  

We loved the place SO much that Terry said, wonder what breakfast is like?  I responded, if we are going, it’s gotta be before Wednesday cause that’s when I post.

So we went yesterday.  About 8:30.  On our way to Home Depot.  (A whole ‘nother story about poor customer service which I’m not going into.)

I said in last week’s restaurant post that I usually don’t go out for breakfast because it’s pretty easy to make at home.  So I ordered a vege omelet because that’s the kind of stuff we DON’T keep at home.  Cause peppers and onions and mushrooms aren’t going to be eaten by anyone but me.  And then they go bad.  Jeeezeee, veges gone bad.  Hate it.

Our breakfasts were so good.

Suncoast Diner

And, again, too much food.  I wasn’t crazy about the biscuit but I’m pretty picky about my carbs! Everything else was EXCELLENT!

Terry had the two egg platter.

Suncoast Diner


Food is excellent.  Prices are good.  I even like their unmatched chipped plates and retro glasses.  I understand why they got the “Best of the Best”.  Yum.  

They’ll probably be calling us by our names soon.  

Kind of like Coyote Cafe.  

One more yum.  

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