Bits and Pieces for a Monday

I usually put this type of post up on Friday but I forgot.  So I thought I’d start your Monday out with some random bits and pieces.    

First, here’s a dog…

This is a Christmas dog and she’s here to remind you that there’s only 22 days left in September and then it’s Halloween followed very closely by Thanksgiving and, whoops, it’s Christmas.  And if you are a DIYer like me, you are already way too LATE to start making Christmas presents.

Just saying.

Also saying that constant flashing of that Christmas pooch kind of makes me dizzy.  Like when I sew with that really thin pin-striped fabric.  Makes my eyes roll up into my head.

I waste a lot of time looking at blogs.  I’m trying to limit myself to Saturday mornings or when I’m waiting in the car or just totally bored.  I thought you should waste some of your time, too, and share this link with you that I found on Making it Lovely a few weeks ago.  It pokes fun of Anthropologie. (Disclaimer here, I love Anthropoligie and do keep my trombone on the headboard) Actually the whole L.G. Tumbletown blog is pretty amusing. And she doesn’t post very often so you could just check it about once a month and not fall behind.

Quick switch of subjects here, while in ND we helped Lauri and Alan do some renovations so I haven’t had much time to do any sewing or DIYing.  (That’s my excuse for this week) I’ll probably share some of those renos over the next few Thursdays.  Rather than my own DIY projects.  

And I’m still trying to get those Frozen costumes done before Halloween.  Like I already mentioned 22 days in September and then in a heartbeat, it’s Christmas!

And here’s a cat massaging a dog, because we know that’s what cats and dogs do when we aren’t looking.

6 Gifs Of Cats Massaging Dogs To Help You De-Stress

 And some goats that I grabbed from ZsaZsa Bellagio

Okay, enough bits and pieces.  Think I should do something constructive like make an Anna costume…..or read some more time-sucking blogs!