Friday Meanderings

Today I have a smattering of snaps for you:

This Troll

Friday meanderings
Decided to come out of Easter Storage this week to keep me company in my office.

This Lizard

Friday meanderings
Was infatuated with his reflection. For a week he could be found on the giant mirror in the garage. You don’t have a giant mirror in your garage?

This Alligator

Friday meanderings
It’s been raining. A lot. This guy came in out of the rain.

This Spice

Friday meanderings
Terry was mixing up blackening for our pork chops last night. Cool layers.


Friday meanderings
This little cutie is a service dog and joined the Homosassa Ukers this week.
Friday meanderings
Mom, I think that they are beyond my help!

If you don’t read the, here’s a link to my article from this week.  Also, I write on my other blog Designs by KTGreen at least once a week–usually Tuesday and Thursday.  So if you are missing me, you can usually find something I wrote in one of those two places!

Last day of school was yesterday.  The Homosassa Elementary teachers and staff lined up on the side walk and as the buses pulled out the bus drivers honked and the kids hung out the window waving like crazy back at the teachers. All the sewist in the Sew Cool! Workshop lined up in front of the Learning Center, too.  As the last bus headed up Mason Creek Road, we heard one of the teachers say “And where’s the beer truck?”

Today, Friday, May 25th 2018 at 1 pm, Jodi Lanier will be having a presentation at the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park on wild flowers.  Besides knowing all about wild flowers, Jodi knows all about the Chassahowitzka River.  If you ever want to do a kayak tour she is the person to contact.  Just email me and I will send you her info!

Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until next Friday but there’s a tropical storm headed this way now.  It should just bring rain to us but after several days of torrential downpours, the streets in Old Homosassa should be flooded!  The signs are already out saying “Flood in area” because of the storm that came through on Tuesday. Be careful!

Have a great weekend!




Friday Meanderings

Well, I screwed up and put up my Friday post on Tuesday.  That’s what I get for trying to use the iPad.

Anyhow, our sweet pooch Maggie passed away on Monday.  She was 18 years and 5 months old.  Up until two weeks ago she was still taking a 1 mile walk on most days of the week.  Then she just quit–wouldn’t go past the end of our road and that was just so she could check to see if her best doggie friend Gus was out. So we started taking her on bike or golf cart rides instead.

Maggie came to us when she was only six weeks old.  She traveled throughout the country–Terry often said that she flew more than most people!  After she started going deaf and blind, we drove with her since she couldn’t hear or see commands.

I could possibly write a whole book about her and our adventures but I thought I’d just throw some photos up of her.

Maggie the puppy

Travel Dog Blog, St Louis
St. Louis
Travel Dog Blog, St Louis
St. Louis
Travel Dog Blog, Fort DeSoto
Ft. Desoto Dog Beach
travel tote
A modeling shot for my blog
Guard dog. Ready to take on any squirrels that ventures on to her deck.
Magster the wagster
Morning bike ride to the river
Maggie liked the water this high. She could easily pull her own ball out of the water after she tossed it in.


Cooter on the Withlacoochee State Trail
She did not appreciate this Kodak moment with the Cooter at the Withlacoochee State Trail in Inverness.


Dogs in the Hood
Maggie REALLY didn’t like the grandkids at first. But then she figured out that once they start walking, they usually have snacks that they like to share! Besties!
Maggie's big adventure
Headed out on one of her many trips.
Cookie Day, North Dakota Style
Mandan, North Dakota
Travel Dog Blog
Maggie’s first trip in 2004.  Went to see Grandma Shirley in Longmont, CO.
Travel Dog Blog
At the airport in Bismarck, North Dakota
Travel Dog Blog, Colorado
Here’s Maggie in the “Thinking Rock” in Longmont.. She’s thinking as soon as she gets out of here she’s going to bite me.

Travel Dog Blog

Travel Dog Blog, Maggie on the Water
If we were kayaking, Maggie was, too.
Dogs in the Hood
Maggie in the Blue Bonnets in Katy Texas.
Where's Maggie
Pymatuming Lake in Greenville, PA.

Maggie and me taking a break
Maggie and me taking a break on the Withlacochee State Trail.
Maggie and Me
The Farmer’s Market in Dupont Circle.
Heart of my Heart Quilt for Piper
Piper doesn’t like dogs and always kept a wary eye on her.



maggie Maggie

I miss you Maggie.

Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!

So much going on this weekend!

Art by the Park at the Museum Cafe.  Open Mic with Chuck Andrews at the Old Mill.  St. Patty’s Dog Parade in the morning at Crystal River and another parade in the evening in Inverness.


dogs dogs


Then next weekend is the Shrimpapalooza!



Never a dull moment in Old Homosassa!

Still looking for artists and crafters for the Old Homosassa Community Day on April 7th.  Only $20 for a booth.  This is going to be a ton of fun!  Chuck Andrews is doing open mic on the stage and has invited many of his friends to sing.  These people are professionals that sing all over the place and are great.  And they are doing it for free!  Just to support the community!

Oh yeah, the Homosassa Ukers are also playing.  And just want to say that we are not professionals!  11:30 on Saturday, April 7th.  Come to our debut concert.  Right there on the stage.  With Chuck trying not to laugh!

I tried to get one of the guitar students to do open mic.  She is a great singer.  She said no.  I said oh, it will be fun.  She said will there be people there?  I said yes.  She said no.

Here’s a cool puppy pic!

That’s Leroy. He was so excited to meet Lexi that he wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to take a snap. His tail was going about 100 miles an hour. Lexi got a lot of puppy kisses.

Spent a day at the courthouse for another county commissioners’ meeting.  We are inching closer to getting the Old Homosassa Heritage Park turned into a reality!

Have a great weekend!