Old Homosassa in July……


and August….. and even September….. Okay, if you follow me on Naturecoaster.com, you’ve already read something about this. But, I cleaned it up for Naturecoaster.  None of my pithy comments or wry personal observations. There are a couple of big draws back here for visitors to Old Homosassa. (besides the Freezer, of course.) The first … Read more

Friday Meanderings


It’s hot! And it’s DRY! My yard is getting brown and crunchy. Which would normally be okay because it will come back when the summer rains start. Or if the rains don’t come–no big deal. But I’ve got a wedding scheduled on the 27th. On that brown and crunchy grass! I do water the garden beds … Read more

Old Homosassa Goes to Tallahassee

I usually don’t post on Tuesday anymore.  But…..this is kind of important. We have two very active  groups that are tirelessly working on projects for the Homosassa River. I posted a picture on Friday of the group and I’d like to tell you a little more about the good works that these people are doing A … Read more