Old Homosassa in July……


and August….. and even September….. Okay, if you follow me on Naturecoaster.com, you’ve already read something about this. But, I cleaned it up for Naturecoaster.  None of my pithy comments or wry personal observations. There are a couple of big draws back here for visitors to Old Homosassa. (besides the Freezer, of course.) The first … Read more

Friday Meanderings

This was a beautiful week. Busy but beautiful. Here’s a hawk that’s using my bird feeder as his bird feeder. So, like I said.  This hawk is using my bird feeder for dinner.  Yesterday when I went out to fill up the feeder he was sitting on top of it and I had to chase … Read more

Old Homosassa Goes to Tallahassee

I usually don’t post on Tuesday anymore.  But…..this is kind of important. We have two very active  groups that are tirelessly working on projects for the Homosassa River. I posted a picture on Friday of the group and I’d like to tell you a little more about the good works that these people are doing A … Read more