Friday Meanderings


It’s hot!

And it’s DRY!

My yard is getting brown and crunchy. Which would normally be okay because it will come back when the summer rains start. Or if the rains don’t come–no big deal.

But I’ve got a wedding scheduled on the 27th. On that brown and crunchy grass!

I do water the garden beds and they are beautiful. Hopefully the bride and her guests will just see all of those beautiful flowers! Her colors are pink and green and I’ve tried to accommodate!

So what else is going on?

We put a Sign up at the Learning Center. Took several of the leading citizens of the community. Handling tools and standing on desks.sign


Look at those HAPPY FACES!

OKAY.  These are the people that are saving our river and our community.

Pretty cool that Terry and I are part of it.


Then we all went to Old Mill to celebrate!


Okay.  Just a couple more snaps.

Vivian, my little sewist on Wednesday, was supposed to make her mom coasters for Mother’s Day.

She made two.

And gave me one.

And one more.

In our Sew Cool Workshop on Thursdays, Connie almost finished her second boho bag.

Connie is a natural model

Sew Cool.


boho bag


Don’t forget about the FISHING HOMOSASSA 101 Seminar at the Old Homosassa Learning Center on Thursday, May 18 at 7 pm.  Could be standing room only!

Have a great weekend.  I will.  Daughter Jes and her husband Andrew are coming in!  Yippee!



A Little Cocktail Cruise

Night Heron

Saturday was such a beautiful day.  We thought we had plans but they all fell through. So……

Might as well go out for a little cocktail cruise to Mason Creek and share some photos with you!

A Little Cocktail Cruise
How beautiful is that sky?
Night Heron
Caught a Night Heron enjoying a snack.
A Little Cocktail Cruise
We always rouse up a few dogs that need to guard their waterfront. And here’s Ethel in action!
A Little Cocktail Cruise
Nope, won’t pull up to your dock!
A Little Cocktail Cruise
Or yours!
A Little Cocktail Cruise
This one doesn’t seem too interested in us.  Might stop by and say hi to this guy in the future.
A Little Cocktail Cruise
Our route takes us by La Casa of Mason Creek, looks like a wedding is planned for this evening!
A Little Cocktail Cruise
A bald eagle! Thought they would have headed north by now!

So we headed back, and, yes, there is a wedding!

A Little Cocktail Cruise
OH no, wedding gawkers. Or perhaps the paparazzi!

A nice wrap up of our day!