Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!

You might notice some changes in this website’s format.  I have been trying to speed things up a little and have been experimenting with different “themes”.  I think it’s faster but this theme is lacking.  There will most likely be more updates before next Friday!

Stuff has been happening.

In last week’s post, I mentioned a farmer’s market at the civic club in the near future.  Although they have discussed it with civic club board, Gil and Wendy Watson are putting this together.  Old Homosassa Art & Farmers Market will be at the Homosassa Civic Club parking lot starting October 7 and continue the first Saturday of every month.  The fee for a booth at the market will be $20.  The Watson’s are also creating a website for the market.  I’ll post here as soon as I find out what the domain name is!

I’ve written several times about the “Old Homosassa Heritage Park” that the “Access to the River” committee has been working on for the past few years.  The state legislature passed a bill for the park to get $850,000.  At least one county commissioner has said that the county would match what the state came up with.  We had also been told that the park was high priority on the BP Restore Funds that is going to many gulf front communities due to the BP oil spill.

The last BOCC meeting we attended, the BOCC unanimously gave all the “BP Restore Funds” to Crystal River for their River Walk although they all felt that Homosassa did deserve a park. Commissioner Kitchen even said that they would come up with “creative” financing for the park.  This week the commissioners completely backed away from the whole thing.  They claim to never have offered any money towards the park.  They will have their people negotiate with the owner of the property but that’s it.

Seems that the park has been getting some negative publicity from some bitter former civic club members. Two of this group have been trespassed from the property because of their actions. They have been spreading lies and innuendos about the park and inciting the uninformed who do not read the paper nor come to the community group meetings. But many of them do love social media and believe what they read. We should have realized that this was going on because these people can not accept all the positive works that have come out of the Homosassa Civic Club and are quite determined to make it fail.

Terry and I have the policy of not responding to any of the comments on FB.  It is a bully pulpit.

As Mark Twain said

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Same goes for bullies and liars.

Here are the FACTs:

This is the last piece of “working waterfront” on the Homosassa River.  When the park becomes a reality, Shelley’s Seafood and the Shrimp Boats that dock there will remain.  They will lease from the Old Homosassa Historical Preservation Society and that money will go into maintaining and improving the park.  There will be no swimming at the park because this part of the river is just too busy.  There will not be a boat ramp or truck/trailer parking.  There will be park benches, picnic pavilions, and a kayak ramp.  There is an old building on the property which would be renovated for the Old Homosassa Heritage Museum.

The really important FACT is, if this park doesn’t go through, this property will eventually be sold for development.  It’s a perfect place for condos.  I understand that it is too expensive to put condos there because of several building requirements.  But, it will only be a matter of time before demand for riverfront property will make it worth developing.  Then the River Alliance can spend 10s of thousands of dollars fighting the condos.

The committee originally tried to get two parks.  The other was the old mobile home park behind the water tower — Sportsmen’s Cove. This would have been a perfect spot with plenty of room for swimming and youth sports along with an existing boat ramp and parking. But, the owner refused to sell.

Okay.  That’s it.  Off of my soap box. For now!

Have a great weekend!


The Future Old Homosassa Heritage Park.  Shouldn’t we save this piece of property from development?.


Friday Meanderings

So much stuff going on….

The yoga class is SUPER.  Love our teacher Tiffany West.  I have officially put her on my list of “things to be thankful for”. Every session we get more students and Tiffany is adding a Tuesday evening class starting at 5:30.

Terry and I did parking last Saturday at the Homosassa Civic Club.  We officially parked 44 truck-trailers and other vehicles at $10 a pop.  A couple people gave us $20s and told us to keep the change.  One woman paid with all the quarters, nickles, and dimes that she found in the truck because her husband was on the boat and had the cash.  All the proceeds go to our local youth groups. In the first three weeks the youth group at the Homosassa Baptist Church made $1,100! Last week and for the next few weeks the funds are going to the Old Homosassa Learning Center for our after-school program.  We need new doors, a full-sized refrigerator and a projector.

And I can’t help but wonder, Where did these people park before?  There are still cars, trucks, and trailers parking illegally–like in front of fire hydrants and on the road. The Sheriff has started giving out tickets instead of warnings.

The Homosassa Civic Club board of directors hired a coordinator for the learning center.  Ruth Toner-Hatfield who moved to River Haven last July.  She and her husband are both retired educators and have extensive experience with all ages of kids.I’m very excited about the upcoming Fall session which will stat September 5.  Tiffany, our yogi, has agreed to give the kids free yoga lessons on Tuesdays from 5-3:30.  Our sewing coach and I are going to help the kids sew costumes for Halloween or cosplay on Thursdays. Planning on having them show off their creations at the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival.

Another exciting new event–second Saturday market at the Homosassa Civic Club.  I’m sure we will find a better name than that eventually.  We are just in the planning stages but hope to have it up and running on September 9th and continue every month.  Gil Watson is leading the charge.  Terry is working with the county to make sure we do everything right.

Fun times!

Have a great weekend!


Friday Meanderings

mount mcCloud

It’s HOT!  And HUMID!

Florida in July.

What else should we expect?  Right?

I tried to escape from all that temperature by heading to Spedwell, Tennessee.

With my besties.

Here’s a pic of us at McCloud Mountain Restaurant.

From the left, me, Yvonne, Sherri, Barb, and Donna

We all worked at the same company.  All at different locations.  And in some cases different times.

I was at the Moore McCormick office in Brooksville. 1984????? I was the marketing secretary.  Donna, Yvonne and Sherri were was at the Florida Mining & Materials cement plant in Brooksville which was owned by Moore McCormick. Barb was at a cement plant in Ohio with SouthDown which eventually bought Moore McCormick.I moved to the Tampa office when that happened.

Somehow, we all got to be besties over the years.  Even though I left SouthDown back in 1990.

And it was STILL HOT but not quite as humid in Speedwell, TN.  But they have a boat on a lake with no alligators!  So we made the best of it!

And I made a new friend while I was there.


I’m back!

Today is the last day of the Summer Program at the Old Homosassa Learning Center.  The Fall Program starts on September 5th.  We have a new coordinator on board to run the program.  The learning center will be open from 3:30 – 5:30 everyday that the Citrus County school system is open.  There will be a different theme each day.  Our yoga teacher will be teaching yoga to the kids for half an hour on Tuesdays.  Our sewing coach will be helping the kids make costumes for Halloween on Thursdays.  And the guitar classes will continue on Wednesday.

First we have to do a MAJOR cleanup of the building.  Smells like sweaty kids!

Speaking of sweaty, Terry and I are doing the parking on Saturday for the scallopers.  Money goes to the learning center. We need two new doors, a refrigerator, and a projector. We’ll be working a lot of Saturdays!

Not much else going on around here.  Because it’s HOT!  Oh yeah, I think I already mentioned that!

Have a great weekend!


mount mcCloud