Old Homosassa Art, Craft and Seafood Festival

What an absolutely beautiful weekend we had here in central Florida!  Blue skies, bright sun, and a temperature of about 75.  Perfect!  Probably had something to do with the thousands of festival goers that descended on Old Homosassa.  Only one way in and out which creates amazing traffic backups!

We usually ride our bikes down to the festival bright and early so we can check out the displays before the hoards of people get here.  (Maggie has to stay home since NO DOGS allowed.)  But this year we were running late and didn’t get there until after noon.  The masses were already there and more were streaming in.

After checking out the art and crafts and peeking into the long lines at the food stands, we decided to head out to the Freezer and get shrimp instead.  We usually don’t go to the Freezer on the weekend because it is jammed, but figured everyone had to be at the festival.  We were wrong.  The Freezer was crazy busy with no tables or seats open along the bar.  So we went home and finished up the leftovers from Friday night.  Which were really good since we had made panko-encrusted grouper and the fish came from our local fresh seafood house–Shelley’s Seafood in Old Homosassa.  Yum!

Here’s some pics from the festival.

Old Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival
A boat shuttle was provided to bring people across the river that parked at the old KC Crump. Once on the Old Homosassa side, a van picked up festival goers for the short ride to the site.
Old Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival
Anything can be deep-fried!
Old Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival
This was the food court! We ventured along the edge and bought a couple of beers.
Old Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival
The main part of the festival is the park behind the Homosassa Civic Club and Mason Creek Road.


Old Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival
We checked out the Veteran’s War Memorial while walking down to the galleries. This was started not long ago and recently expanded.
Old Homosassa Art, Craft, and Seafood Festival
This art gallery was recently opened in Old Homosassa by Penny.  If you get a chance, you should stop by to see not only her art, but the beautfiul home renovations.

It looks like the festival was a success again this year.  It’s great for the local economy because so many people visit from Tampa and St. Pete and get to see what Old Homosassa has to offer.



Another fun weekend here in Old Homosassa.  It’s time for the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood festival!  We can smell the deep fryers all the way to our front porch!  I don’t often eat deep fried food (I don’t even allow a deep fryer in our house) but I do make an exception for the deep fried grouper that I’m going to get today.

Last weekend we rode our bikes to the Blues and BBQ at the Old Mill Museum.  We didn’t stay long since we brought Maggie along and NO DOGS are allowed.  Sigh.  But she was shaking from the noise, anyhow.  (I like to call that ‘the tremours’)  But the music was good and there was a good turnout.

Blues & BBQBlues & BBQ

So stop in at the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood festival this weekend.  The Homosassa Civic Club puts it on and it always has some unique crafts and art.  You can have some deep-fried food while sitting on haybales.  Money raised from the event goes to scholarships for local kids and to the Homosassa Elementary school.  Fun and a great cause!

Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trail

Way back in September I posted about the Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trail.  I had planned on getting some bird pictures from the tower to share but the biting flies were so bad we quickly headed back out to civilization.  We recently tried again on an early cold morning and the flies were gone but the lone bird we saw was an anhinga.  Guess it was too early or too cold for birds–but the views were still spectacular!

Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails

Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh TrailsChassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails

Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails
Kayak Ramp
Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails

Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh TrailsChassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails

Chassahowitzka Salt Marsh Trails
Maggie doing some bird watching.