Friday Meanderings

mount mcCloud

It’s HOT!  And HUMID!

Florida in July.

What else should we expect?  Right?

I tried to escape from all that temperature by heading to Spedwell, Tennessee.

With my besties.

Here’s a pic of us at McCloud Mountain Restaurant.

From the left, me, Yvonne, Sherri, Barb, and Donna

We all worked at the same company.  All at different locations.  And in some cases different times.

I was at the Moore McCormick office in Brooksville. 1984????? I was the marketing secretary.  Donna, Yvonne and Sherri were was at the Florida Mining & Materials cement plant in Brooksville which was owned by Moore McCormick. Barb was at a cement plant in Ohio with SouthDown which eventually bought Moore McCormick.I moved to the Tampa office when that happened.

Somehow, we all got to be besties over the years.  Even though I left SouthDown back in 1990.

And it was STILL HOT but not quite as humid in Speedwell, TN.  But they have a boat on a lake with no alligators!  So we made the best of it!

And I made a new friend while I was there.


I’m back!

Today is the last day of the Summer Program at the Old Homosassa Learning Center.  The Fall Program starts on September 5th.  We have a new coordinator on board to run the program.  The learning center will be open from 3:30 – 5:30 everyday that the Citrus County school system is open.  There will be a different theme each day.  Our yoga teacher will be teaching yoga to the kids for half an hour on Tuesdays.  Our sewing coach will be helping the kids make costumes for Halloween on Thursdays.  And the guitar classes will continue on Wednesday.

First we have to do a MAJOR cleanup of the building.  Smells like sweaty kids!

Speaking of sweaty, Terry and I are doing the parking on Saturday for the scallopers.  Money goes to the learning center. We need two new doors, a refrigerator, and a projector. We’ll be working a lot of Saturdays!

Not much else going on around here.  Because it’s HOT!  Oh yeah, I think I already mentioned that!

Have a great weekend!


mount mcCloud


Friday Meanderings


It’s hot!

And it’s DRY!

My yard is getting brown and crunchy. Which would normally be okay because it will come back when the summer rains start. Or if the rains don’t come–no big deal.

But I’ve got a wedding scheduled on the 27th. On that brown and crunchy grass!

I do water the garden beds and they are beautiful. Hopefully the bride and her guests will just see all of those beautiful flowers! Her colors are pink and green and I’ve tried to accommodate!

So what else is going on?

We put a Sign up at the Learning Center. Took several of the leading citizens of the community. Handling tools and standing on desks.sign


Look at those HAPPY FACES!

OKAY.  These are the people that are saving our river and our community.

Pretty cool that Terry and I are part of it.


Then we all went to Old Mill to celebrate!


Okay.  Just a couple more snaps.

Vivian, my little sewist on Wednesday, was supposed to make her mom coasters for Mother’s Day.

She made two.

And gave me one.

And one more.

In our Sew Cool Workshop on Thursdays, Connie almost finished her second boho bag.

Connie is a natural model

Sew Cool.


boho bag


Don’t forget about the FISHING HOMOSASSA 101 Seminar at the Old Homosassa Learning Center on Thursday, May 18 at 7 pm.  Could be standing room only!

Have a great weekend.  I will.  Daughter Jes and her husband Andrew are coming in!  Yippee!



Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!

It’s been a great week!

Shrimpapalooza was last Saturday.

So much fun!

And our first time in the Shrimpapalooza Parade!

The day started with breakfast at the Old Mill–the only day of the whole year that they serve breakfast!

Breakfast at Old Mill
(yeah, breakfast and bloody marys)



By now, you might know that the Shrimpapalooza is all about celebrating everything SHRIMP!

It starts with a parade.  Since Old Homosassa is a golf cart community, there might be a few golf carts involved, or maybe 50!

OHHC golf cart


That looks kinda creepy but it’s SHRIMP COCKTAIL on top of a golf cart!

And friends.

Christine, Rhonda, and Robby
Rosey with a hand shrimp!

Here’s a bunch of walking shrimp and monkeys from Monkey Island!

Nice outfit, Sunday!

I have no idea why there is an Ape in the Shrimpapalooza! But he was very popular!

And then there was a festival!  Lots of fun and food vendors selling SHRIMP!

Terry and I took our turn at working in the Old Homosassa Heritage Council Booth.  We have three really great raffles, new 2017 t-shirts, and THE AMAZING RACE!


The AMAZING RACE starts on April 23rd with a kick-off party at Village Toyota-Cadillac.  $25 and you get into the race and a free t-shirt or poster.  This is going to be FUN!  Clues will be given every week. The race ends on June 11th. The winners will be getting CASH!  And I’m not on that committee so you can’t bribe me to get the clues early!

So what else went on this week????

Terry and I went to the Citrus County Mosquito Control Board’s Open House.  Now, this sounds like a lame outing, but it was great!  I thought we’d see some displays and there’d be some handouts.  But this was a walking tour with a guide.  We got to see all the inner workings of their operation.  Even the helicopter!  This is a group that is doing a great service for our county. I’m sorry I didn’t get any photos.

Spent some time at the Learning Center.  No.  I spent a LOT OF TIME at the Learning Center.  But it was fun. We have a new little girl that came in on Wednesday to learn how to sew.  OMG!  She was so excited and listened to everything I said.  And that kid was sewing!  Her brother is in the guitar class and he is the best guitar student.

Also started our new adult “Sew Cool! Workshop”.  Faith Peix, our instructor was a bit worried about leading the class but did a great job.  We still have room for a few more sewist!  Doesn’t matter what level you are at in the sewing world, you will fit in!  Thursday, 12:30 – 3:00.  At the Learning Center.  Right across from the Homosassa Elementary School.

Have a great weekend!