Tangram Magnets

I had planned on sharing my finished mosaic art garden border today but the weather conspired against me. I had the border almost finished on Tuesday.  Probably about four more feet to complete when I stopped for the day.  Wednesday was supposed to be another lovely day with rain moving in during the afternoon, but we woke to rain beating down on the house.  So much for finishing that project! 

My sewing machine is getting a well-deserved spring maintenance break so I don’t have any new sewing projects to share, either.

So I thought I’d make something for the grandkids that’s a little different. And really easy. Have you seen tangrams?  I first read about them on one of the many DIY blogs I visit. 

I did a google search for tangrams and downloaded the pattern. It’s just seven geometric shapes and used as a math teaching aid for children.  

Tangram pattern and fabric covered magnets

 I then cut the pieces out of fabric and stuck them on adhesive magnets.  So easy!  You could use pretty cardstock but I have many more scraps of fabric than paper!

Then you can create all these clever shapes.  There are a lot of templates of tangram figures out there on the web.  This one is just a small sample to get you started. Some of them show which piece fits where.

tangram figures

 After you get the hang of it, you can just create your own shapes.  It’s kind of addictive.

Bunny tangram
Bunny tangram


Cat tangram


Dog Tangram


Dog tangram on Magnetic Chalkboard

Think the grandkids will like creating these next time they visit. And it might keep them busy for a couple minutes while I squeeze in a nap!

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