Tea Class at Tea House 650 Cafe

Back in February Terry and I took a cooking class along with a bunch of friends at The Mullet Hole Tavern in the Heritage Village in Crystal River. So much fun! Last week one of these friends invited me to a tea class at the Tea House 650, also in the Heritage Village.  Now that I’ve been to cooking class I couldn’t pass a chance to learn about tea! 

These are just a few of the different containers of tea leaves. And wine, too!

Formerly the Back Porch garden and Tea Bar, I had been there many times over the years. Usually to buy tea but I’ve also had lunch there a few times plus bought a cute little teapot from the shop–perfect size for two cups of tea. 

Gail and the daily tea list

Gail, one of the owners of the tea house, led us through several tea subjects–from how healthy tea is to the different varieties–even how they are picked.  We tried a few different flavors, looked at and smelled the different types of tea leaves, and learned about Yerba Mate which Gail mixed with royal coconut oolong to make a delicious hot energy drink.

Tea leaves
Tea Leaves
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate

Our little group stayed for lunch, yum!  I highly recommend the Tobouli wedge with Red Beans and Rice along with a glass of white blueberry ice tea. 

Tabouli Wedge with Red Beans and Rice

 One of the other women in our group had the chicken salad which also looked wonderful.

Chicken Salad
Homemade Chicken Salad

The Tea House 650 Café is located at 650 N. Citrus Aveue in Crystal River.  Their phone number is 352-564-1500 and website is www.teahouse650.com. Gail holds tea class every Tuesday from 11am until noon.  The classes are free but limited to six guests.  Besides tea, they also sell tea accessories, lunch, lovely items for the garden, and unique gifts. 

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