The Great Chicken Wing Quest Continues, well, kinda, sorta….

We skipped the month of January for chicken wings.  Gotta diet.  Didn’t work, but that month is gone.

February we had fully intended to hit at least three chicken wing places.  The first we stopped at was Rustic Ranch in Inverness.  Now Terry did the research and they were high on the wing list.  No wings at Rustic Ranch.  And all I have to say about that restaurant….meh.

Then I read about wings at West 82º Bar and Grill at the Plantation in Crystal River.  So we went there after playing golf at the Plantation course.  No wings.  But the cobb salad that we both ordered was excellent.

Cobb Salad at Plantation
Cobb Salad – Yum!

Next, Terry read about a place on Hernando Beach that served wings.  Since we go every Thursday to Spring Hill for my BANJO lesson, we took a drive to the beach.  The restaurant was closed.  Stopped at a bar that was open and looked clean–The Waterfront Bar and Cafe.  No wings. In fact, there was nothing fried. But it was a beautiful day and we ate shrimp outside on the deck. 

The Waterfront Pub and Cafe
Steamed Shrimp
Waterfront Bar and Cafe
Oh yeah, they had beer, too. Blue Moon.

So then we went to Zephryhills Winter Autofest. On our way over we spotted this sign…

Wild Wild WingsThe place looked abandoned.  The sign looked really bad.  But on the way back from the show, there were a lot of cars in the parking lot.  So we turned around, several times since it turned out downtown Zephyrhills is just full of one-way streets.

And they had wings!

Garlic Parmesan Wings at Wild Wild Wings in Zephyrhills
Garlic Parmesan Wings

And a really good wrap for me with enough fries for both of us.

The Great Chicken Wing Quest Continues, well, kinda, sorta....
Chicken Ceaser Wrap

And Terry was happy!

Wild Wild Wings



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