Suitcase Party


This was the best party I’ve EVER been too.  Sorry to all of my friends that I’ve said that same thing to.  But this was really a GREAT PARTY for a really great cause!

The idea is, you buy a ticket.  Pack a suitcase.  Go to the hangar at the Inverness airport.  Party like there’s no tomorrow.  And wait to hear if you won a trip.

Lots of drinks.

A Ton of Food!

Cirque Soliel

suitcaseparty1 suitcaseparty2 suitcaseparty3


They were pouring champagne in patrons’ mouths from that high perch!

A chance to win a flight out to New Orleans, a drive to St. Augustine or Orlando, or a cruise.

Suitcase Party

We didn’t win.  Actually I have my wee pooch Maggie so we didn’t plan on going anywhere!



They actually let us get really close (and even inside) the jet!

That’s my friend Melinda. Her mother and daughter were working the event as volunteers, too.
Suitcase Party
Crazy live art and music. Plus lots of live and silent auctions.

Seriously. Best Party Ever!  So many of our friends were there. And so many of our friends did all the work.

And we made a few new friends!

And all the money went to the Boys and Girls Club of Citrus County!


A big thanks to Jon and Shelly, owners of Old Mill Tavern and HUGE contributors to this event. Plus Melissa Olbeck who does the organizing and everything that goes with that.  These people know how to throw a party and raise big bucks!  We helped them out at the Mullet Toss in July but we just had FUN at this event.


So looking forward to next year!

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