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Just a few updates.

First wanted to give out a shout-out to Michelle….

I handed out cucumbers to my friends as souvenirs from our trip to North Dakota.  Mine went into salads.  Michelle turned hers into pickles. I stopped by one day to drop a kid off or pick one up and she was charring red peppers on the top of her shiny gas range.  I was like, “who does that?”  The answer is Michelle.  She shows up with jars of homemade lo-cal strawberry and blueberry jams. (We return our clean jars to her with the hopes that they’ll be refilled). And while she’s doing the creating she’s also taking pictures and then writes for this blog.  And she has a 14-year-old son and a husband that works out of the house.  Busy busy busy!

My friend Donna sent me a link to a fun blog.  Bluebird Flies The blog is about a young couple and their 7-year-old daughter that sold everything and are spending a year in Europe.  I think that is so cool!  I would never have been that brave!  And the husband’s mother, Sherry, happens to be a friend of ours!  Even more cool!

Thought I’d spread the word that we have a new bicycle shop in Crystal River, Surreys, Sycles, & Stuff.  It’s at the former Lenco Bicycle shop on 19, just north of the Home Depot and across from the airport.  Fred Crawford is the owner and just re-opened the store.  Stop by and say hi!

And going along with bicycles, the 19th Annual Rails to Trails Bike Ride is Sunday, October 6th.  Terry and I are registered to ride, first time for us!  September 14th is the last day to register and be guaranteed a commemorative shirt.  But it’s not too late, you can register online.

Scalloping season is almost over but there’s still plenty to do on the Homosassa River.  The 31st Annual River Raft Race is September 21st and some of the local venues are holding an International Ethnic Festival from September 23 thru October 20.

Okay, that’s it.  There should be a DIY up tomorrow!

Another Beautiful Evening
Another Beautiful Evening

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