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Last year when we drove to North Dakota, our first night was in Panama City Beach.

Travel Dog Blog

On our drive there from Homosassa we took the long and scenic route so we could drive along the Gulf. We stopped at Carillon Beach which is dog friendly–just keep the pooch on a leash.

Travel Dog Blog
Maggie taking Riley for a walk on Carabelle Beach.

We arrived in Panama City Beach in the early afternoon just as planned. I had read that there was a dog beach on Panama City Beach and I wanted to introduce Riley, our land-locked grandson, to the beautiful clear water and white sands. But this was a bad day with rain and high winds. Riley didn’t get a chance to swim but did get to have fun in the huge waves and collect a few shells. Maggie sat safely far away from the water.

Travel Dog Blog

Travel Dog Blog

We stayed at a La Quinta that wasn’t too far from the beach. I checked for area restaurants and none were listed. So we figured we’d be going to a drive-through and eating in our room. But our room key card had an ad for Salty Sue’s seafood restaurant and it was dog-friendly. So we headed to Salty Sue’s which was practically across the street and had dinner on the patio. We had a great time and a great meal. Maggie was especially thankful she wasn’t left in the room.

Travel Dog BlogTravel Dog BlogTravel Dog Blog

I’ve read that there is a nice dog park in Panama City Beach but the rain prevented us from checking it out. But we all had fun and will stop there on our next big drive north–and hope for better weather.

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