Treasure Hunting in February

Last week was Treasure Hunting time here in central Florida.  Starting with Renninger’s Antique and Collectibles Extravaganza in Mount Dora.  Michelle and I went in November and planned to return in February but time just slipped away.  Kathryn did go without us and got a bunch of treasures.  Really regret that I missed the fun.

Kathryn's treasures from Renninger's Antique Extrvaganza

But I tried to make up for the sadness by going to Webster’s Flea Market on President’s Day along with Michelle, William, Mia, and Terry.  And I gotta tell you that place was CRAZY CAKES! 

Webster Flea Market

Godzilla, I was the first person to find a treasure!


Treasure Hunters
Mia, William, and Michelle


Terry, me and Godzilla
Terry, me and Godzilla

 So here’s what I went home with…

My Treasures, Godzilla, small porcelain terrier, and fish dish. All Two Dolla!

And why exactly are these treasures?

I pick up these little dogs all over the place.  Never more than two bucks.  I figure when I die and the kids are going through my stuff, they’ll be like “what the hell does mom have all these little dogs for?” and then they’ll throw them away.  And it won’t matter.  $2.

And Godzilla because how often do you find a Godzilla for $2?

But the best buy was the little fish dish.  Cause back when I spent money nilly-willy many years ago I actually paid a wee bit more than $2 for the same line of dishes.  BEST BUY! (Of course, I probably spent $50 on gas.)

Fish DishesAnd Michelle said that she spent more on food than treasures until she came across this on her way back to her truck

Another Chandelier! Where is she going to put this one? How will she finish it? Should we have another wedding with two chandeliers hanging in trees? Enquiring minds want to know!


Michelle's treasures
And the rest of her treasures, bet these will featured in some blog posts!

But that’s not all.  There was more treasure hunting this week!  Terry and I went to the Zephryhills Winter Autofest.  And it was just like another giant flea market.  Kind of a Renninger’s for boys!  Without the hills!

Car treasuresAuto Treasures

A corvette for $5,500!!!!
A corvette for $5,500!!!!

So we weren’t ready to buy a car on this trip, but this treasure hunt comes back in November.  Gotta start saving our pennies!

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  1. I’m feeling kinda old – there’s Kathryn with 1920’s license plate…and a LedZepplin album! LOL Are those…8 tracks!!? Although, very ManCave worthy. It was fun all around.

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