Two Guys from Italy

We try to give restaurants two chances before we say, “never again”.  


Our first visit to Two Guys from Italy–over 10 years ago–was so bad we swore we’d never be back.  I’m not going into all the issues because I try to be positive.  It must have just been a bad moment in the universe because…

NOW I want you to go to Two Guys from Italy.

Two Guys from Italy is a restaurant on US-19 south of Homosassa Springs.  

Recently many of our local friends have been surprised about our past experience.  They keep telling us that it’s really good.

So we took their recommendation seriously. And tried it again.


Seriously.  Our very favorite Italian restaurant is Papa Joe’s in Brooksville.  But I gotta say, our lunches were equally good.  Maybe better because the price was MUCH lower.

Okay.  Let me tell you about our experience.

As we walked in we could smell fresh bread baking.  Turns out, they make all of their own bread plus bread for many other area restaurants, right there at the on-site bakery. 

We ate in the dining room.  There’s also a bar and an outside deck.  I ordered eggplant parmigiana and Terry had Alfredo Linguine with Chicken. The dinners came with salad and garlic rolls. The rolls were wonderful.  Warm with a melted butter and garlic topping. The salad was a little wilted but came with lots of black olives.  A joy to me since Terry won’t eat the little slimy things, I get doubles!


My eggplant parmigiana had to be one of the best I have ever had.  Not exaggerating.  It’s one of my favorite dishes and I usually order it at all Italian restaurants.  This was fresh.  And delicious.  And a huge portion.  This was easily enough for two meals.

two guys from italy eggplant parmigiana

Terry loved the Alfredo Linguine with Chicken.  He said the chicken had a different and great flavor.  He cleaned his plate up–no leftovers for him. 

Two Guys from Italy salad

It took a little longer than a normal lunch time service but everything was made fresh.  Totally delicious and as Terry told our server, “The food was worth the wait!”


Oh yeah, and the prices were good! Did I already say that?  

I do think we will be back!

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