Weekend Update

It’s Friday!  The fun starts now!

Isn’t that silly?  Why should I get excited about the weekend?  I don’t even have a job!  So I ponder that occasionally and have decided that all those years of working have just engrained that attitude in me.  Friday was always the best at my last job.  We tried to get the boss to go to lunch with us on Friday and take a really long lunch.  Then it was Happy Hour!  So besides my friends that I worked with, lunch and happy hour are the the only things I miss about not having a job.  Oh yeah, I kind of miss that pay check and health insurance, too.

But anyhow….a lot of activities going on in the area this weekend.  This is the last weekend for scalloping.  Which is sad for those that depend on the scallopers to make a little extra money and happy for those that live in Old Homosassa that are just tired of the hoards.  Lots of extra traffic, trash tossed everywhere, scallop shells in the river and even down at the Spring.

Weekend Update
Like this guy. We don’t have a lot of sidewalks. And this guy parked on one of them. Also too close to the stop sign. And there were at least 6 open spots in the truck/trailer parking lot right on the other side of the sidewalk. Really?

Okay, off of the soap box.  Tonight there’s a “cruise in”–the Friday Night Thunder–in Inverness.    Also it’s wing night at the Shed–50 cents each.  Not sure what we’re doing yet, might just be sitting on our back porch looking at the full moon!

Tomorrow is the 31st Annual Homosassa River Raft Race on the river. The Bluesapalooza Music Festival is in downtown Brooksville featuring one of our favorite area bands, Sarasota Slim.  (Gotta love anything that ends its name with palooza!)

Monday is the beginning of the “International Ethnic Festival” on the Homosassa River.  I have no idea what that is but they are starting with Irish.  Irish Jig?  Irish Coffee? Irish Setter?  Macrae’s, Neon Leon’s, Old Mill Tavern, Riverside Resort and Seagrass Waterfront are all taking part so I’m guessing that alcohol will be involved.

If I’ve missed any local fun, let me know!

Weekend Update
Dragon boat racers are practicing for the upcoming season!
Weekend Update, ozello
Driving back from Ozello. The long and winding road.
Weekend Update, Moon
Goodnight Moon!

Have a great weekend!

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