Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

We not only have a hippo in one of our state parks, we have mermaids in another!  And both parks are within 30 minutes from our home.  How lucky are we?  How happy are our grandkids?

Mermaid show
Mermaid show!

mermaidsSince I know where they keep the mermaids, Piper and I slipped out as soon as the show was over and got to the mermaid photo shoot before any of the other little mermaid lovers!

Mermaid Deidra with Princess Piper

We were probably with the mermaid for 5 minutes before anyone else showed up.  So Piper struck up a private mermaid conversation.


mermaidmermaidNext up was the reptile show, where we learned the difference between a tortoise and a turtle plus how to pet an alligator (very carefully)!

gopher tortoisealligatorFinal stop, boat ride on the Weeki Wachee River!boat rideWe saw one eagle and a manatee on our boat tour.  Then the day was done.  

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