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The Citrus County Corvette and Camaro Club had a tour scheduled for this past Saturday of a car restoration facility. Followed by a car show.   Wasn’t sure if I wanted to go.  I like to ride in a fancy schmancy sports car but that doesn’t mean I want to know how they fix them.  It was a cold morning and all I could think about is “do you think they have heat in the garage?”

But I couldn’t find any excuse (believe me I tried) to get out of the excursion so I went along. And actually enjoyed the tour!

Here’s the place.  If you take regular trips to Spring Hill down 19, you’ve probably drove right by it without even noticing the building.

West Coast Classic, Inc.
West Coast Classic, Inc.

First we saw two examples of the seven generations of the Corvette.

2014 Corvette
1954 Corvette
1954 Corvette

Dave and Shannon Rodriguez started West Coast Classic in 2006.  It’s a family business with daughter Sabrina also working in the office. Shannon welcomed us when our car club arrived then began the tour in the office. She then moved out to the garage where her husband Dave joined her.  They both spoke passionately about the business and restoring cars the right way.  Their projects have been featured in many car magazines plus they have been approached about doing reality TV.  The Rodriguez’s have declined the TV show because the producers just want to see arguments.  And “That’s no way to run a business”.  I was very impressed with this young couple.

The Rodrigues's

Several of the employees explained what part they played in restoring the vehicles.

West Coast Classic
1955 Buick Special, one of the current projects.
49 Chevy PU
And a 1949 Chevy Pickup, one of their past projects.

It was a very interesting tour.  They not only do restorations but also do regular automobile maintenance.  If you want to learn more about West Coast Classic, check out their website.

4 thoughts on “West Coast Classic Tour

  1. Great article. We drove by and thought it was just a bunch of car lovers finding their own meet up, like at the Hardee’s:-), so you solved the puzzle for us. All the cars were shining in the gorgeous Florida sunlight.

    We buzzed on by for some IPA beer and fish at Crackers! I forgot about the Manatee Festival, but we still lucked out!

    Love Citrus County. Thanks!

    • Myra! I posted about the Manatee festival on Friday! You aren’t following my social calendar! And tomorrow night is our HOA meeting! You haven’t shown up in forever! But glad I cleared up the mystery of all those shiny cars on Saturday!

  2. Yes, I did read the Manatee Fest post, but it flew out of my head. Must have been thinking about the beer. I do like the HOA meeting and I’ll try to make it. This house selling business has kept me very busy and I took on another landscaping project/job so I am very dirty too:-). Old and dirty is quite a combo!

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