West Coast Classic Tour — 4 Comments

  1. Great article. We drove by and thought it was just a bunch of car lovers finding their own meet up, like at the Hardee’s:-), so you solved the puzzle for us. All the cars were shining in the gorgeous Florida sunlight.

    We buzzed on by for some IPA beer and fish at Crackers! I forgot about the Manatee Festival, but we still lucked out!

    Love Citrus County. Thanks!

    • Myra! I posted about the Manatee festival on Friday! You aren’t following my social calendar! And tomorrow night is our HOA meeting! You haven’t shown up in forever! But glad I cleared up the mystery of all those shiny cars on Saturday!

  2. Yes, I did read the Manatee Fest post, but it flew out of my head. Must have been thinking about the beer. I do like the HOA meeting and I’ll try to make it. This house selling business has kept me very busy and I took on another landscaping project/job so I am very dirty too:-). Old and dirty is quite a combo!

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