Where’s Maggie?

Maggie went on a big adventure!


Where's Maggie?
Leaving Old Homosassa, Safely buckled into her car seat.

North Carolina

Where's Maggie?
Spent our first night in Fayetteville. Maggie’s ready to take her turn driving.

New York

Where's Maggie?
Quick stop in Brooklyn to pick up Jes, Andrew, Alan, and Lauri.


Where's Maggie?
Dinner at Captain Scott’s In New London
Where's Maggie?
If Maggie looks a little nervous, could be because this dog is at the next table!
Where's Maggie?
Niantic, walking the beach.


Where's Maggie
Pymatuming Lake.
Maggie wanted to check out the water but “No Pets”. Dog haters!


Where's Maggie?
A field at her Uncle Jim and Aunt Bonnie’s house in Greenville.

More from Maggie’s big adventure next week!


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