Winter is Coming

The Sunshine State continues to have sun and beautiful weather while my northern family and friends have been buried in drifts of snow and frigid arctic cold.  Yes, we’ve had some chilly mornings and a lot of rain which is unusual, but our first real cold blast is expected to hit this week.  If it gets as cold as predicted, that will be the end of the blooms for a few months. Even covering the plants in the gardens and moving pots to the shed might not save them from 20 degree weather.  So I spent some time in my yard snapping pics of what may be the last of the flowers.

PoinsettasPlumbagoPeace LiliesMandevillaImpatiensCosmosAzaleas

The above lovely azaleas are blooming at least 6 weeks too early.  A freeze will put an end to their show and perhaps their spring flowering will also be effected. I’m just hoping that our weather forecasters are wrong!

2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. That darned cold – I’ll be out covering things I don’t normally baby. Taking photos is a good idea – that hibiscus may never be that big again 🙁
    Good thing about the cold is that the peach tree will definitely set blooms for a pretty (and yummy) Spring!

  2. Raining and in the 40’s at present. Tuesday it is supposed to be below zero. At least we aren’t going to get the freezing rain that was originally predicted for today. It is gray and ugly here; always glad to see blooming and pretty. Hope you avoid the 20 degrees.

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