Winter is Coming

Ok.  I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan so anyone that doesn’t watch it, that’s a reference to that GREAT show.  I should probably read the books but they are so BIG!

Anyhow, sorry about the weather to the rest of the country.  It’s getting cold here, too, but nothing like you have.  I didn’t have anything to write about today and just went off taking pics.  And here they are, before winter destroys all my floral beauties.


Peace Lillies
Can’t grown Peace Lillies in this house but they love my back yard.

Peace Lillies

Still have pentas but the butterflies have moved to Mexico.
Butterfly Bush
Butterfly Bush, only called that because it looks like a butterfly. It does not attract them!
Banana flower
Will I ever get bananas? I think not!
So pretty, won’t get cold enough this week to cover these lovelies but it will come.
Maggie is looking for otters!
Once it starts cooling down we get a lot more ducks and birds.
Egrets and wood storks
Those are wood storks and egrets out there resting on the palms


There’s an anhinga drying its wings.

Du….du…du…just lookin’ out my back door.

1 thought on “Winter is Coming

  1. Again, glad to see green and the flowers. Yesterday on the way to work I saw 5 accidents; I didn’t think it was slippery. We only got a dusting of snow, but it was very cold. Looks like we are going to get nasty weather this evening, but you never know until it comes. The weatherman can only theorize what Mother Nature ultimately does. Enjoy the heat.!

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