Works in Progress, January

Terry and I have moved a lot over the years.  Every time we make a move, we get rid of all the extra crap in the cupboards, closets, and all the other storage spots.  But we’ve had this house for 11 1/2 years and things have accumulated.  Way too much “stuff”.  it’s time to get rid of some things. 

(Otherwise I can’t buy new)

I’ve been clearing out junk from all the nooks and crannies that I cram things into. With no basement or attic storage I have become very creative!  (Okay, I do have an attic but things tend to melt up there and the steps leading there are very wookity.) 

So I haven’t been sewing much lately and I have no project for today. 

I did get a bunch of fabric, though. gave me a 20% off coupon for my birthday so I waited until some of the stuff I need (want) was on sale at 15% off and ordered a bunch.

Here it is…

fabricsOther than the top and bottom blue fabrics which are going into a quilt, I don’t have any real plans for the rest.

Since her room is pink and brown, I thought I might make something for Piper out of this piece but then decided she might not like those pigs.  I can just hear her saying “Pigs are for boys”.

But it’s adorable!

This will probably turn into something for a couple of the granddaughters.  Pillow cases?

girl fabric
Love those elephants!

And I had to have these zebras.  Pillow? Tote?

The dotted fabric may or may not go with the zebras. I do have some black and white stripe tucked away.

The one project I am actively working on is a denim quilt for Riley. I’ve been saving old denim plus Lauri gave me a bunch of Riley’s old jeans.  I’ve “pinned” several denim ideas but decided that I didn’t like any of them.  I finally designed this block which I’m happy with.

Denim Block

There will be 1″ black sashing between all of the pieces and it will end up being a 20″ block.  The entire quilt will be three of the 20″ blocks across and four 20″ blocks down.  The back will be navy blue minky and the binding will be a navy blue cross hatch. 

Well, that’s my plan today.  Could change.  And could take a very long time to finish because it’s not as easy to cut the denim up into the correct sized pieces as I thought it would be. 

And I still have a lot of cupboards to go through! 

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