Works in Progress, June

About one month ago I posted  “works in progress” in my DIY world.  I’ve been very busy so I thought I’d do a quick update.

I went to Houston for four days to visit friends.  Here’s me finally using the carry on I made several months ago.

DIY Carry On
Everytime I look at a picture of me, I think, I gotta get a hairstyle.

I made and gave out three sets of tea towels as hostess gifts.

Mermaid Tea Towels


 Tea Towels with Moda Fabrics and Flower Appliques

DIY Tea Towels with Moda Fabrics

 Nautical Tea Towels

DIY Nautical Tea Towels

 Made some very Girly Blankets for a few of our Best Friends

A Blanket for Lexie

 Mattie the Cattie

 And moved forward a bit on the “Heart of my Heart” quilt for Piper.

Heart of my Heart Quilt

Finally watched “Frozen” and I’m ready to make some Elsa dresses.  But, just wondering, why do all three granddaughters want to be Elsa?  What’s wrong with Anna?  She’s adorable!  And she has red hair–just like Kendall!

Also designed a new bag at Jessica’s request.  I’ll make it one more time and then post the tutorial. 

Tote for Jessica
Tote for Jessica

Cut out Tyson’s baby quilt.  Looking forward to putting it all together.  It will be totally adorable. 

Tyson's quilt
Here’s two of the fabrics for Tyson’s quilt. I love those pirate boys!

I’m adding some pops of color to the screened room on our deck.  Already made the Hello! pillow and I’ve added a few more easy peasy pillows.  I probably have enough extra fabric from the those pillows to make a seat cushion or two.  (Why don’t I ever buy the right amount of fabric no matter how much I plan?)  And I’m starting the design for a new mosaic pot. 

Easy Peasy Pillows

Mosaic Pattern
Mosaic pots are easy but it’s really tropical summer hot in my garage right now!


I’ve totally been obsessed with “modern” quilts lately–just big blocks of color that are simply quilted.  Jes brought her Domino magazine here and I’m in love with Hopewell Quilts.  I pulled this one off of Pinterest.  I love the simple colors and the pin-striped binding. In the magazine the back looked like plain old blue chambray.  I loved everything about it but the price.  So I may need to make something like this for myself. 

Hopewell Quilt

And speaking of Domino, they recently listed the, 17 Best DIY Blogs.  I haven’t actually looked at all of them yet, but so far I really like Vintage Revivals.  I’m like “oooooh, I want to make that”. 

Well, gotta get to work.  All this DIYing isn’t going to get done with me sitting at a keyboard!


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