Works in Progress, November

I had fully intended to have a completed project here today. But there was an explosion in my sewing corner.  Ummmmm, caused by me when I decided to get one of my trunks of fabric organized.  I will not show you a picture.  It was ugly.

And then, surrounded by the mess,  I started on a Christmas pillow and had a nasty gluing incident.  

This is the pillow I thought I’d tell you about today. The only thing I actually finished was the piping!

So I returned to sorting all those scraps in the trunk.  How do sewist arrange all these leftovers?

I’ve been working on several things in my sewing room besides the pillow… I just finished a quilt top.  Lots more to do before I have a completed quilt, though. 


Then I got into the organizing mood yesterday.  I have no idea why this crazy idea just popped into my head.  Just clean out that trunk, you have plenty of time to get that pillow finished.  Which caused that spontaneous eruption of bits of material flying around the room and landing helter-skelter.  

Part of that mess is my holiday fabrics.  I wanted to get new but after getting them all sorted and in a nice neat pile, I’m having a tough time justifying the expense when I already have too much!  

None of this stuff matches! I probably need to get more. More, more, more….

Come back next Thursday and I’ll have that pillow finished.  And I’m sure it will be very cute and Christmasy. And put you in the holiday mood.  And you’ll want to get all of your boxes of decorations out.

If I could just get this chaos under control.  

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  1. We might need to look for a sewing/quilting shop on our way back from Renningers – cause there may be something new there that you’ve just gotta have.

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