Works in Progress

So many ideas, so little time! 

(Speaking of SO, I saw a bit on the Today show that we use SO too much.  They are right.  I use it in almost every paragraph on this blog.  And I’m trying to give it up.)

So, (just kidding) to return to the subject.

I have a lot of sewing projects going on but nothing finished to show you this week.  But I can show you what you will be seeing in upcoming weeks.

I ordered some more material for tea towels when had Kaufman Essex Wide Linen on sale.  It’s one of many fabrics that I keep on hand. I bought enough for nine tea towels.  I cut out and hemmed six.  But I just couldn’t do the other three.  It’s such a boring and tedious task that I had to stop.  Those other three will have to wait until I need them. 

Kaufman Essex Wide Linen
Linens ready to be made pretty with appliques and borders.

I stopped at a quilt shop in Spring Hill after Michelle gave me a heads up that she saw a sign for a new quilt shop. A bit north of Spring Hill Drive on 19.  Where the old movie theater is. I think it’s called Bay Side Quilt Shop but I couldn’t find anything on it on the web. (And I didn’t think to grab any literature when I was there)  It’s only been open for three weeks and had several shelves of product but will getting more fabrics soon.  They carry the Timeless Treasures and Moda lines plus have all kinds of quilting accessories.  Classes start up in June and they won’t just be quilting classes.  One of the first is to make pine needle baskets. 

Moda Fabrics
Two pieces from Moda that I bought. I don’t think I can leave a quilt shop without buying something!

After leaving the quilt shop, I stopped at Jo-annes Fabrics to pick up some fleece and denim–two other products I usually keep.  The denim was 50% off and the bolt I picked up was $9.99.  But when I went to have it cut, it was $6.49 a yard.  (I always check before the scissors touch the fabric) That’s not 50% off.  Turns out the denim was actually $12.99 a yard.  Most places would honor the label.  Not them.  I didn’t buy it.  I can get it cheaper at when it goes on sale.  (Just wanted to rant a little)

To welcome the newest member of the Green family, Tyson Hugo, I’m making a quilt.  Tyson lives in Seattle.  Plus his parents were married at the Seattle Aquarium. (What a great reception)  So I went with a nautical theme.  These are Michael Miller fabrics that I ordered from  (Incidentally all children’s fabrics are on sale 25% off through May 26th!  What a deal!  I think I got mine for 15% off.)

Boy Quilt
The map will be the back of the quilt. And aren’t those little swashbucklers adorable?

Then Piper skyped me and asked if I would make her an Elsa costume.  (From Frozen)  Of course!  Here’s the pattern I’ll be using…

Think I can put a few off these different dresses together to get an ‘Elsa Look”

This one’s high priority! (As soon as that shiny blue material goes on sale)

Speaking of Piper, I’ve been working on a quilt for her.  Think I may have mentioned it a few times.   Before I started designing it, I made a small quilt.  Just to see how my idea would look.

Piper's quilt
I call this “Heart of my Heart”

And here’s what I have done so far on the large quilt…


Need to put one more border on three sides to finish the piecing part.  Just need to decide if it will be a queen or full-size quilt.  Then putting the batting and backing on and the quilting.  Kind of anxious about the quilting part. But I’ll do it!  And share the finished product and the measurements with you. 

A few other upcoming projects are a bed for Mattie the Cattie and a new tote design.  (Both requested by Jes–I haven’t forgotten!)

That should take me through the summer on my sewing projects.  Hope you’ll join me on Thursdays to see the progress! 

4 thoughts on “Works in Progress

    • In the newspaper today, they reported that’s there a shortage of Frozen products. The Elsa dress is $49.95 and if the Disney store has them, you have to sign up and they draw the lucky winner who gets to buy the dress! If the dress for Piper turns out, I can make a fortune!

  1. That is INSANE~~~ Think about it, you could make a few and sell them in time for Christmas~ I am sure once Piper gets hers, she will never take it off. Now that you mention it, I haven’t found anything ‘Frozen’ in our area.

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