Cervany Center

Yes, I went to Banjo Camp!

And, while I hate to bore you with my banjo stuff, I must.  It was amazing.  I spent three days at Suwannee Banjo Camp in Live Oak at the Cervany Conference Center. Total banjo heaven.

Cervany Center
Cervany Conference Center in Live Oak
guest rooms
Guest Rooms
The courtyard
beautiful view
Just another beautiful view

Yes, I went to Banjo Camp!

So, besides all the wonderful views, there was a lot of banjo classes and picking.  

You might not follow the banjo world, but the instructors were the TOP of the field.  And both evenings we were treated to a concert by the faculty.

Ned Luberecki

Ned Luberecki

Janet Beazley

Janet Beasly

Alan Munde

Alan Munde

And the very best, Tony Trischka.

Tony Trischka


And I came home with another banjo.  Used.  15-years-old.  But WHAT A BANJO!

More about that in a future post!

Two banjos
Two banjos, a baby grand, a tenor ukulele and one kids guitar. My collection is slowly growing!


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    • Very cool! Still can’t get beyond spending an entire weekend with all these great and famous banjo pickers. Amazing!

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