Out and About: Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

A few of you may know that my sister Ellen, (Michelle’s mother) has been going through some trying times.  She was scheduled for surgery last month and I invited Ellen and Michelle to join me for a special lunch to celebrate our lives.  Since they both live in Hernando County, I asked Michelle to pick a spot close to their homes.  

Michelle suggested the Magnolia Terrace Tea Room located at 6282 Commercial Way in Weeki Wachee.  (That’s the plaza on US-19 just north of Cortez Blvd. that has the Winn-Dixie.)

This was my first time at this tea room.  Michelle had been there before with a group of girlfriends for a Christmas party.  They rented the whole place and had an appropriately festive event.

Out and About: Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

We arrived after the lunch rush so had the place almost entirely to ourselves.  While they say on their website that “It’s Tea Time all day at The Magnolia Terrace Tea Room”, they just happened to have wine!  So you know what we ordered!  

Hey this was a celebration of life!

Out and About: Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

The sandwiches can be ordered on different types of bread or as a salad.

Out and About: Magnolia Terrace Tea Room


Out and About: Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

Our server was pleasant and attentive, the food was excellent, and the setting lovely.  The right place for our special lunch.  I definitely recommend and will be returning–I might even try the tea next time!

The Magnolia Terrace Tea Room is open on Monday through Friday from 11 am to 4 pm, on Saturday from 12 pm to 4 pm and on Sundays for special events only. Call for reservations at 352-556-4819 or email info@magnoliaterracetearoom.com

Out and About: Magnolia Terrace Tea Room

Friday Meanderings

I’ve often commented that Old Homosassa is the perfect setting for little art shops and other fun stores.  We already have several–Watson’s Art Gallery, Riverworks, The Glass Garage, Pepper Creek Pottery, and River Safaris plus Cleo Lydy has the Lydy Art Gallery in her home.  

We have a special opportunity right here in Old Homosassa this weekend.  Gil and Wendy Watson, artists and owners of the Watson Art Gallery are having an exhibition by Keith Johns Martin on Saturday, July 25th, from 10 am to 5 pm.

The featured artist will be showing several large scale original pieces and giclee prints at the gallery as well as painting on site.

I met Keith Johns Martin last month when he was holding an Oil Painting Workshop at the Watson Art Gallery & Studio.  Not only an incredible artist, but also a talented instructor.

Oil Painting Workshop at Watson's Art Gallery

After 5 pm they will be having a Cuban/Island style cookout by chef Bert Savell for $10 a plate and live music performed by Cat Valentine.

If you have any questions give Gil and Wendy a call at (352) 503-9709 or email them at gwwatsons@gmail.com

Sounds like fun!

Invitation to Watson’s Art Gallery

According to the Citrus Chronicle, Crystal River is back to planning their river walk that would connect downtown Crystal River on both sides of US 19 to the waterfront on King’s Bay. I’ve been reading about these plans since I’ve moved to Citrus County.  I would love to see this become reality.

That’s it for this week!

Have a great weekend!


Take a letter

I’m always looking for little DIY projects that are easy and quick that will hold a 4-year-old’s interest. Piper is trying to learn her letters, so we decided that the fridge could really use some color and we’d make some names to spice it up.

While Adley was napping, we pulled out an adhesive magnet sheet that I bought at Hobby Lobby and a bunch of bits of fabric that I’d been saving.  The sheet was 12″ x 24″ and we cut it up into twelve 4″ x 6″ pieces.  Magnetic sheet

Then I cut the fabric scraps into 4″ x 6″ pieces and stuck them onto the magnet pieces.

Take a letter

Piper picked out which prints she wanted for each letter.  


Then I cut out the letters.  Just free form.  Nothing fancy.

Take a letter


Easy and fun DIY making magnetic letters with adhesive magnet and fabric

We had enough pieces left to make Adley’s name.  

Take a letter

Take a letter

Adley obviously knows her name already.  Pretty smart for an 11-month old!

I picked up a second magnetic sheet and made Riley’s name.  Piper wanted me to make Mommy and Daddy but I said, too many Ms and Ds!!! So we just went with their names, instead!






Still want to make the entire alphabet.  Maybe lower case.  But I need another magnetic sheet!

Out and About: Local Restaurants

I’ve been remiss in my restaurant reviews.  Have no excuses.  While we’ve been hitting the local dining scene and I’ve been taking notes and snaps, I never took the time to write about them.

Just in case you forgot that I’ve been writing about restaurants (since it’s been SO long) let me remind you.  Terry and I are hitting dining spots in the area.  Most of them will be in Citrus County but also Marion, Hernando, and Sumter Counties.  Maybe further out.  Just depends on where we go! 

And what I feel like talking about.  

And now I’m catching up.

Just hoping all of these places are still open.  Places open and close so quickly. Particularly when our northern visitors go away for the summer.  Can be the death toll for our little local spots. 

Speaking of closing, Yanni’s in Homosassa Springs closed.  They were open a long time in another location.  Closed.  Opened up in another place.  And now that spot is the Biscuit Barn. Anyone know why?  We quite liked Yannis.

Back to reviews…..

We went to Angelina’s in Brooksville for lunch many many weeks ago.  The address is 13103 Cortez Boulevard.  It’s tucked away in one of those numerous plazas on 50.  (You know what I’m talking about.)

We got there about 11:30.  Isn’t that lunch time?  There was only one other table occupied. A few other couples came in while we were there.  


And I gotta say the food, quantity, prices and service were all good.  So I’m guessing there is just a lot of competition with other small restaurants and all the big chains that are in Brooksville and Spring HIll now. 

eggplant parmesan

My eggplant parmesan

spaghetti at Angelinas

Terry’s spaghetti

So if they are still open, we recommend!

Now I sadly have to give a BAD review.

Good Tymes in Crystal River.

We went there shortly after they opened.  I saw the review in the Citrus Chronicle and said hey, Terry, another cajun place.  

We LOVE cajun.

But did not love this place.

We went at lunch.  On the same day that they were reviewed in the paper.  Did I already say that?  Yes.  But I just wanted to repeat because you would think that they’d be ready for extra guests.  “Hey, we’re in the paper!  Let’s make sure we have french fries–an American staple.”  Nope.  Terry ordered the Cajun wings with a side of fries.  Whoops.  No we’re out of fries.  At 11:30.  On a Thursday.  Really?  I said to the server, “That’s gotta be a killer” She was like “tell me about it!” 

Good Tymes

Cajun Dry Rub Wings. Terry said that they were pretty good. Got charged 99 cents for the replacement boring chips!

 I ordered the Seafood Gumbo.  It was served a little warmer than room temperature.  With yellow rice. (Not that I don’t like yellow rice, but to me yellow rice is Cuban–doesn’t Gumbo have WHITE rice?) And there was no bread.  I said to our server, could I have some bread? She said, that doesn’t come with.  Really?  Gumbo with no bread to soak it up?  I suggested that she tell the owner that gumbo ALWAYS comes with bread.

Good Tymes

Seafood Gumbo

Now, perhaps this review isn’t fair.  We went several weeks ago.  And they may have fixed those issues.  But, although I like to give places a couple of chances, we won’t be back to check it out.

Sorry.  If we are going for Cajun it will be Seafood Sellers at the Crystal River Mall, our favorite for Cajun and fish, or our second choice Neon Leon’s in Old Homosassa.

Let me think of something good at Good Tymes, oh…. real cutlery and dishes.  They have live music in the evenings. 

Oh yeah, also wanted to mention that my beer was not cold but it was cheaper than Terry’s soda.  Found that quite amusing.

Okay….let’s move on to a better experience.

River Ranch Bar and Grill at the Heritage Village in Crystal River.  Formerly the Mullet Hole and before that Cafe on the Avenue.  Opened very recently.

River Ranch

We ate in the bar because there were a few special large parties going on in the dining room.

And we liked it!

(But we also liked the Mullet Hole and Cafe on the Avenue!  And they both closed.So much for our opinions!)

I think this is a very nice location.  Right in the middle of Heritage Village.  I’ve mentioned in a few other posts that Crystal River and Citrus County needs to advertise this little shopping area.  Crystal River is BOOMING with tourists because of the manatees in the winter.  And now it’s scalloping season. Those visitors need someplace to go after they visit our unique water attractions.   Being in the middle of everything, Heritage Village should be crazy busy.

But it’s not.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

River Ranch

Turkey Caprese. It comes with an avocado cilantro sauce for the sandwich but I asked to omit that. Should have ordered it on the side just to try it. Probably was really good. Next time.

River Ranch

Terry’s fried chicken sandwich. Lightly coated. Very Large. Good.


Our lunch was good.  Our server was good.  We will be back.

Assuming that it’s still open!

I have one last place to write about but I think I’ll wait until next week since this is already waaaaay tooooo looooooong!

If you have a suggestion for a dining spot that I should write about–let me know!

Either in the comments section or the “contact page”.

Or if you disagree with my opinion–I definitely want to know!

But be kind.