Friday Meanderings

I’m off to Banjo Camp today.  “A Few Days in Banjo Paradise”

This is also the weekend that all the mermaids go to Cedar Key for the Art Festival.  It is a long standing tradition.  We stay at Mermaid Landings.  Eat a lot. Drink a lot. Laugh a lot.  

Okay, I’m not actually a mermaid but the lovely mermaids that formerly swam at Weeki Wachee allow me to hang out with them.


And I decided to throw my mermaid friends over and go to Banjo Camp.  Suwannee Banjo Camp.  In Live Oak.

Terry and I changed out the banjo strings Sunday.  And broke the banjo.  


OMG1 5th string peg DOWN!

Was this a sign from the mermaid goddesses that I should be with the mermaids?

After much research and emailing my banjo mentor numerous times, we fixed it.

Happy Banjo

Sorry mermaid goddesses.  Gotta go.  New banjo friends await!

In other news….

Nothing much going on in Citrus County because I won’t be here to cover it!  

Well, other than Sarasota Slim will be at The Shed at MacRae’s on Sunday at 2 pm.  Might be back in time for that!

Have a great weekend!






Otters and Other Stuff

I am supposed to reveal my new DIY website today.  Not happening.  I have to face reality–it could be awhile. I got travels coming up.  Things to do. People to see. 

The new website might have to wait until after I get back.

But here’s an otter!

OtterHe was just hanging out on the kayak dock, soaking up the rays.  I’m a bit wary of the otters that stop by.  They are sometimes very angry.  And fast.  I usually make sure that there’s something high that I can jump on in case one decides to take me out.

But this guy just looked tired.  He barely raised his head to acknowledge my presence.

He didn’t even care that Maggie was checking him out.  But otters are definitely not afraid of dogs.  I’ve even heard them bark back at the neighborhood pooches.  “The water’s good, come in for a swim”!

Maggie and otterMaggie doesn’t go out much anymore.  She’s 15.  She likes to nap.  But she wanted to chase the otter.


Let’s wake up the otter!



Oh Maggie, he’s tired.

I thought he wasn’t feeling well but neighbor Sue said she had been watching him earlier. He had been barking at her dog and catching crabs.  He was just fine.  Just enjoying an after dinner nap. 

Come back anytime for a siesta! I’ll have my camera ready!

T-Shirts for Old Homosassa Heritage Council

PintingOne of the many ways that we are raising money to restore and maintain the water tower, is by selling t-shirts.  Gil Watson, local artist and gallery owner, created this beautiful depiction of the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

Gil donated the painting to the OHHC co-chair, Marian MacRae.

presentationThe t-shirt will be white with a screen-print of Gil’s interpretation of the water tower on the back.  A small OHHC logo will be on the front. 

The donation is $18.35 for the t-shirt. (1835 is the year that Old Homosassa was established)

If you’re interested, here’s the preorder form:

preorder form

And you can download it by clicking here:  T-Shirt PreOrder Form





Country Feed and Supply

I was out and about taking important photographs and Terry and I stopped at the Country Feed and Supply Store to get sunflower seed to keep the birds in the hood singing. 

Since I had my camera…..

Here’s a few snaps I took at the shop,


Show Girls

These Chickens are called Show Girls. Didn’t really like the spotlight! Or the camera! Don’t know how successful they’ll be as showgirls.


This cat likes to say hi to me when we stop in. We’re buds.

There weren’t as many peeps as usual and no ducklings but the nice woman at the counter said, “go out back and see the rabbits.  They’re almost big enough to butcher.”



You are a big bunny, but I will not eat you. Unless there is a zombie apocalypse. Then yes, you might be dinner.


Please, I know you can save me!


And you are totally safe, even with zombie’s I could never eat anything with pink eyes.

As we left the store we caught a glimpse of the house behind the store.  Totally amazing statues in the yard.  I was so awestruck, I couldn’t even take pictures. 

I must find out more.  The Country Supply and Feed is on Grover Cleveland.  If anyone knows about the house or who created those creatures, let me know!