Looking out my Back Door

We had a couple of our kids here this weekend and the weather was blah so we just hung out at the house and played games and watched TV.  A very laid back and relaxing weekend for us but I didn’t get out and cover any local events. So rather than skip posting, I’m putting up some of “Project 365” photos.  There’s only a few people that check it out every day, so these might be new to you.  Here’s my favorite photos from my yard in September….

Chinese Pagoda Plant

Day 262, September 30, 2015, Butterfly on Chinese Pagoda Plant

Bottle Brush

Day 269, September 27, 2015, Thought the hummingbirds were gone for the year and then saw the bottle brush were blooming. The hummingbirds just moved to the front!


Day 268, September 26, 2015, Storm on the way

The View

Day 261, September 19, 2015, Didn’t get a pic today so was just out looking for something to snap. and wow! How about those colors!


Day 257, September 14, 2015, Passionflower

Beauty Berry

Day 256, September 13, 2015, Beauty Berry


Day 252, September 10, 2015, Sunrise


Day 245, September 2, 2015, Butterfly

Friday Meanderings

DArin and Kathry

I’m gonna start right out and tell you about a pet peeve of mine.   Web addresses that aren’t right in articles and advertising.   I’ve seen it in national magazines, ads on TV and in the local paper.   For instance, the Diva Night that the Citrus Chronicle is sponsoring is wrong.  Been wrong since the first day that they put it in the paper.  And still wrong two … Continue reading →