Friday Meanderings

We live on the end of a canal off of Mason Creek.  Things float down here and stay.  One surreal moment a few years ago, a bunch of partially inflated helium balloons floated by. In the water but just enough helium to have a little air time.

I pulled them out before any dolphins were harmed.

There’s been balls, buckets, beer cans.  

A few days ago a palm tree came to visit.  It’s been floating back and forth.  I told my neighbor that I hoped it ended up in front of her house. She wished me the same.

Today three manatees took a break from manatee love and chewed on the palm fronds on the floating palm. Did not know palm fronds are included in the manatee diet.

And on it floats. 

Speaking of floaters, there was a pontoon boat floating around on Mason Creek. No motor. Obviously abandoned. A ghost boat. I haven’t been out on the water for awhile to see if it’s still wandering the canals.  I suppose it could end up back here eventually.

Haven’t been out on the water because I’ve been too ate up with doing things that seemed really important.  But now looking at them in reverse–probably not. Heavy sigh.

And now on to another subject…

Want to make a quick bit about the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  I now belong to three local organizations. Two of those groups suck the energy out of me.  They are turning me into a hollow shell. (unfortunately I haven’t lost any weight)

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council is full of eager, enthusiastic and energetic people dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of our little community.  I LOVE this group!

So it made me sad the other day when I was talking about OHHC and wearing my t-shirt and someone said something about why would they want to support the cause of saving the water tower?  

But that’s not what we are.  That’s a project that we are working on at this moment.  

And it’s a good project.  It’s the symbol of Old Homosassa.  And even better–it brought the community together.

But we’ve also worked very hard to save our trees.  Many in the group went to the Board of County Commisioner’s meeting and convinced the commissioners to turn down the proposal of a 3-story hotel on Halls River.  

And there will be more.  

And that’s why you should support the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.

Oh, let me get off of my soap box before I fall and break a hip.

Have a great Memorial Day!


Denim Quilt for Riley

I finished this quilt and delivered it to Riley in North Dakota last month. 

Quilt for Riley

Riley Quilt

Three of the blocks include pockets from Riley’s old pants. The fabric came from old denim jeans that I’ve been collecting for years along with several of Riley’s.  

Riley Quilt

I made this pocket and turned it into the quilt label.  

And as usual, if you would like the directions, check out my DIY website, Designs by KT Green.

Out and About: More Local Restaurants

It’s about time for our local restaurant reviews! Whoo-who!

Last month we hit Gators Dockside in Spring Hill. 

Gators Dockside

Twenty big-screen TVs in the main area plus another ten in the covered patio.  What?  And they had Fat Tire Beer on draft.  Plus it was happy hour when we got there so my ONE Fat Tire turned into TWO!  

Two FAt Tires at Gator Dockside

It’s in the plaza that also houses Jo-anne’s Fabrics which I have to visit at least monthly to pick up sewing supplies.  Plus there’s a Target right there.  How did we not know about this place?

The menu wasn’t the typical wings and burgers at most sports bars. Yeah, they have that stuff but I ordered an Ahi Tuna sandwich with seasoned fries.  Terry had a mahi blackened sandwich.  Both very good.  And service was good. 

Ahi Tuna Sandwich at Gator Dockside

Ahi Tuna Sandwich with Seasoned Fries

Blackened Mahi Sandwich at Gator Dockside

Blackened Mahi Sandwich with homemade chips

The place opened in February and I asked the server how it came to be named Gators Dockside because we were nowhere near any water.  Well, it’s a chain.  And I’m trying to not write about chain restaurants.  But they’re only in Florida so I’m overlooking that whole chain thing in this instance.

The place was bright and shiny and clean.  I’d like to go back there and try it again.

Shamrock Inn in Floral City

Our next dining experience was at the Shamrock Inn in Floral City.

The opposite of bright and shiny and clean.  But I LOVE this place.  It’s dark and packed with people in biking clothes–both the motorized kind and the ones you pedal.

According to our friend Tim who joined us along with his wife Connie, best burger place around!

Shamrock Burger at Shamrock Inn in Floral City

And then I was gone for a couple of weeks and the first place we stopped at when I got back was the Deco Cafe in Inverness.

Deco Cafe

We’ve never been here before but we were driving through Inverness and thought we’d check it out.

Now, I want to say that I really WANTED to like this place.  And I did.  I liked the decor.  I liked the server.  I liked the people coming in and out getting drinks and desserts.  I liked the food.  It was very yummy.

I didn’t like the plastic plates and plastic serveware.  


Don’t like it.

Deco Cafe

We both ordered the excellent bisque, I had the South Beach Panini–turkey with cranberries and avocado–and pesto pasta salad. Terry had the Deco Cristo with Potato Salad. All VERY Good.

The place is small so perhaps they don’t have room for a dishwasher.  Although the bisque came with a real soup spoon.  And the pasta was in a glass bowl. Hmmmmmmm.  How is that washed?  

We were there for lunch.  They close and open back up for dinner.  I want to go back and try dinner sometime.

And the final place….

Last Thursday we went to the newly remodeled or newly renovated or newly something Neon Leons before we went to the Homosassa River Alliance meeting.  We’ve been there a few times over the past few years.  Had good experiences and bad.  The restaurant was recently closed for about a week while they were changing things up.  We couldn’t figure out what was different other than the woman that was managing the place.  

Neon Leons

Terry had the dry-rubbed wings.  Said they were good but a bit too spicy.  When we were on our great Chicken Wing Quest last year, Terry had ranked these right up there with the winner, Crackers.  

I ordered the seafood bisque along with a shrimp appetizer that came with a delicious loaf of bread.  I quite enjoyed my food.  Our server was very good and answered all of our questions (like who was the new manager) but the kitchen was VERY slow.

We’ll probably go back just because it’s convenient. It is a very popular spot and you might need a reservation if you go at a busy time. I’m guessing because there is almost always entertainment.

Okay.  That’s it for this edition of our restaurant reviews.  Still need to figure out how I’m going to rank all these places since they are all very different!

If you have any places that you want us to check out, let me know!


After a crazy busy week we decided to just stay home this weekend.  And look how lovely the gardens are!



more daylilies

More Daylilies

grape tomatoes

Grape Tomatoes. The squirrels don’t like these so I’m trying them again!

Pink Hydrangea

Pink Hydrangea


Plumeria, in another week or two this will burst forth in color and scent.

Black eyed susan

The first black-eyed susan this year. These girls are volunteers, they just reseed forever.

Peace Lily

I stuck these Peace Lilies in the ground years ago. A plant that someone sent me when my dad passed away.Planted it because I was going out of town and wouldn’t be able to water it. And look at it now! (There’s been a bit of care and division since then!)


Just one of many pots that I drag into the shed every time the temperature drops in February. I’m richly rewarded in the spring but must admit I don’t know how that one white caladium popped up!

Pretty Pretty Pretty.

Friday Meanderings

Not so many meanderings today, I actually have news!

Terry and I went into the Homosassa Library to check out the 90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa.  I’ve been on my soapbox about the sidewalks for a few months.  Writing commissioners and other county officials and alerting friends, neighbors and anyone else I could get to listen! 

Happy to see that all that noise I made might have paid off!

The sidewalk goes around ALL of the trees that had previously been marked to be removed. I plan to send a BIG Thank You to all the people I’ve been bugging at the county offices.  Also want to say thanks to everyone out there that also called and emailed our officials!

You remember those old movies where the spy would surreptitiously take pictures of the secret plans with her tiny camera?  Well, I didn’t even have to hide my camera and these photos didn’t turn out all that great.  Do not think I’d make a very good spy!

The most important thing on all these photos is that there are little bumps where the sidewalk goes around the trees.  These pics start at the exisiting sidewalk and go just past Anchorage Street.

90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa

Page 8

90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa

Page 9, This is where the crossing will be, just on the other side of Bressler Ct.

90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa

Page 10, Right across from the Sugarmill Ruins.  The sidewalk narrows to accommodate the trees.

90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa

Page 11

90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa

Page 12, And the crossing goes back to the other side of the road just after Anchorage.

 The library also has a copy of the old plans on display so we were able to compare the old with the new.

90% plans for the Yulee Drive Sidewalk in Old Homosassa

I’ve highlighted so you can see the difference. The top plan is the new one. The bottom plan had the tree removal.

If you are interested in seeing the plans a little more clearly, I would highly recommend stopping in at the library.  The plans will be there until next Friday, the 22nd.

What else is going on?

There’s an All Hazards and Hurricane Expo at the Crystal River Mall on Saturday.  It’s almost Hurricane Season!

Monday is the Acoustic Meetup at the Coastal Regions Library in Crystal River.  From 2 – 4:30.  Open to anyone that plays an acoustic instrument or just wants to sing.  We also welcome listeners.

On May 25th, Memorial Day, there will be a special service at the Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial at 2:00.  Parking is available at the elementary school.

The annual Big Fish Cobia tournament is on June 6th and 7th which is right around the corner.  The Old Homosassa Heritage Council will have a booth there.  If you don’t yet have your beautiful high quality t-shirt yet, they’ll be available.  They are really popular and we’ve already sold a bunch.  DeeDee Wilcox, co-chair of the organization just made her third bulk order! You can also buy them at Watson’s Art Gallery in Old Homosassa and River Haven Marina on the other side of the river.

Scalloping season this year is June 27 through September 24.  Are we ready for that?

Have a great weekend!