Friday Meanderings

Stuff is happening at the Old Homosassa Learning Center! Just started an evening Zumba class on Wednesdays at 6:15. I am always hesitant on starting evening classes because in the past we haven’t had a very good turn out. Well, I was wrong. 18 women showed up for the very first class and the ones I talked to were really excited about the session. Makes me happy to see the learning center being used almost everyday now!

And the big announcement for this week is that belly dancing will start on February 19th. Beginning session at 5:30 and intermediate/advanced at 6:30. Since the instructor wants to have an advanced class, there must be secret belly dancers out there! I think this sounds like fun.

I asked one of the yoga students that is here for the winter how she liked the yoga class. She said what’s not to like? It’s a mile from house and it’s $5!

Piano lessons started this week with two kids. Next week we should have four.

Okay, moving past the learning center. Plans are put being put together for the 3rd Annual Community Day. April 6th. More on this next week! If you don’t have your tickets for the Toga for the Tower party, they are just about gone!

The Manatee Festival is this weekend in Crystal River. My favorite part about this festival is the free bus ride and admission to Three Sisters Spring. It will be chilly so there will be hoards of manatees at the spring. It is really an amazing sight. If you don’t want to ride the bus, you can just find a place to park and walk in. That’s what Terry and I do.

And my pics of the day. I took a pic every day but didn’t like some of them. Here’s five that I thought were okay.

January 11, 2019. My mother-in-law was set to throw this philodendron out several years ago and I said I’d take it. put the pot out by the shed and ignored it. This baby was not to be ignored!
wood storks
January 12, 2019. Wood Storks. Florida’s only native stork.

January 13, 2019, Ibis. Had to look up why some of the ibis are white and some are brown. The brown are juveniles!
January 15, 2019, Zumba!
Christmas Cacti
January 16, 2019, Christmas Cacti in full bloom. Finally. Guess they celebrate Christmas on a later day than the rest of us!

Have a Great Weekend!


Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday! It’s been a weird week weather-wise. A/C and shorts one day and then Heat and coats the next. But the sun is shining so all is good!

Big announcement. The Old Homosassa Heritage Council is having their fund raiser for the year. February 16th. Toga for the Tower! If you want to attend, you need to get your tickets NOW! Last year our big party was the Cocktail Hour for the Tower and the tickets sold out way before the event and there were a lot of disappointed people. We can only fit 75 people in the Homosassa Civic Center so that’s how many tickets we are selling!

Toga for the tower

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council has returned to a full schedule after the brief holiday hiatus. (too brief) Yoga, body sculpting, ukulele, sewing, Zumba and next week there will be an additional Zumba class added on Wednesday evening at 6:15. Somebody else asked about having belly dancing classes. Bring it on!

For the kids we have ukulele, guitar, and Girl Scouts. Next week piano lessons start for three lucky young people! All of these lessons are free for the kids! Someone asked if I would be interested in adding free lessons in clarinet in the future. Oh yes! That’s still tentative. Might be something for the fall session.

And another BIG announcement. Captain William Toney is holding a free fishing seminar in February!!!!! This time it will be in the Homosassa Civic Center since the last session he gave was to an overpacked house at the learning center. Rumor is that they will be filming it for his TV show!!!!!!! I’ll announce the date as soon as I’m sure that I’ve got the right one!

Okay. Enough excitement for this Friday!

I’ve got photos for my 2019 Pic of the Day. I actually took at least one everyday.

Old Mill on a Friday night!

old mill
January 4, 2019

Not real crazy about this next one. I was working on a song for my banjo and decided that I should try it on every instrument I had. Of course, that’s different sheet music for each one. Snapped this photo of the cluttered mess! It’s not usually like this….really….

music room
January 5, 2019

My last plate of pasta until I lose 10 pounds. You can do it Kathy!

January 6, 2019

I went down to the Water Tower to snap a better photo for the “Toga for the Tower” flyer. So many vultures!

water tower
January 7, 2019

Some additional lights for our screen room. A former neighbor once said that our back yard looked like an airport runway. Yes. Success! Peace, baby.

January 8, 2019

Did not expect this in the mail. Sent it in a few weeks before the Government shutdown but didn’t think it would actually be processed. Pleasant surprise. Oh, the places I will go!

January 9, 2019

My crazy azaleas are blooming early. So pretty!

January 10, 2019

And one last pic. I didn’t take this one. But it’s too cute to not share. My North Dakota granddaughter made this Lego figure and said it was Grandma Green! So realistic. Except for the brown pants. Piper, I never wear brown pants. Once upon a time my mother was playing with my kids when they were wee. Crawling around on the floor in her usual brown pants. (back then women didn’t wear jeans) Jessica said, “Grandma, you look just like Beauty!” Beauty was our horse! I never wear brown pants. I never want to be mistaken for the horse.


Have a great weekend!


Friday Meanderings

Happy 2019!

We are only 4 days in and already crazy busy. Thought I would get caught up around the house since the learning center was closed for two weeks. Didn’t happen but did have a lot of fun!

I have a few goals for the year which are incredibly boring so I’m not going to bother listing all of them.


I am going to really really really try to get back into taking a pic a day. I did that a few years ago and posted them and I can look back at those snaps and say, oh that’s what I was up to on such and such a day. Kind of a journal but with pictures. But I already missed taking a picture yesterday so I’ve already missed that goal!

I probably won’t post them every day. It will be more like a couple times a week, or maybe just on Friday.

Here’s some snaps from the the past week….

This is daughter Jes, son-in-law Andrew, and step-son Darin.

Andrew, Jes, Darin

Went to Tim’s 70th birthday party on the 1st. Here’s my first performance. We sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy.


And since I didn’t actually take that photo, here’s one I did take! Mark on the harp with the band!

mark stuckie

Grandkids came to visit. First time the girls were here since we put the pool in and they couldn’t resist! While the weather is unusually warm, that water was only 68 degrees! Andrew took a swim every day while he was here but he’s originally from Connecticut and claimed that the water was great. Those girls live in Wesley Chapel. Brrrrr….

Addison and Kendall

And my first quilt for 2019!


Hope your new year is going great, too!