2014 Cookie Week, Day 5

Just kidding.

I don’t really have a day 5.  Cause today is Friday and that’s the day I just ramble.

Rambling on….

I’ve had a fun week, not only did Jes come for a long weekend, my friend Mercedes from Houston came for four days.  We did a lot of shopping and eating. 

Speaking of shopping and eating, Terry, Michelle, Mercedes, Jes and I went to Hyde Park in Tampa for a quick shopping fling before an airport drop off and had lunch at Piquant.  So good.  Our server made us feel like we were special guests and the food was WONDERFUL.  Highly recommend. 

On the menu was Banana Bread French Toast.  We didn’t order it, but it peaked my interest and I had a loaf of homemade banana bread from Vera.  So I went out to Pinterest and found a recipe.  Oh YUM!

Banana Bread French Toast
Banana Bread French Toast

I used this recipe for Banana Bread French Toast.  Except I didn’t have the half and half so just used fat free milk.  And didn’t have kumquats.  (Does anyone have kumquats other than the ones on the neighbor’s tree?)

Next week I’m doing a CHRISTMAS WEEK!

Just random shots of the Most Wonderful Week of the Year.

Come back, check it out.  

Time to let Myra know my picks for the weekend!

So much going on.  First, we’re having a Christmas Golf Cart Parade on Friday night at 6 pm.  It starts at the Old Mill, winds through back streets, and ends up at the Freezer.  

It’s also Friday Night Thunder in Inverness.  Very cool cars–both old and new–and caroling. 

The 2014 Christmas Celebration of Lights starts at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park on Friday night continues through Dec 26th but is closed on Christmas. There’s a different theme every night along with the light and music show.  Well worth the $5 donation.

Saturday night is the Old Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade.  (According to the newspaper, it starts at 6 pm, not 5 pm like I erroneously reported last week)  The Tammy Hatch Band will be performing at the Shed.

Have a great weekend!

Friday Funday!

Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade
Old Homosassa Christmas Boat Parade 2013

I said I was better last week and I had a relapse.  I think I’m totally better now.  But I’m not real confident.

While I was recuperating, I missed a meeting of the “Old Homosassa Save the Water Tower” group.  And now I’m the historian.  

And what does a historian do? 

Not much happening in Old Homosassa this weekend other than all the regular events at all of our wonderful art galleries, restaurants and bars.  But next Saturday night, the 20th at 5:30 is the Christmas Boat Parade!   And the Holiday Lights at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park start on the 19th.  Both fun events that we never miss! 

I’m headed for Christmas shopping today because I’m not giving any handmade gifts this year.  Sorry to all my friends and relatives that are expecting ANOTHER tote, bag, dishtowel or other non-essential item.  Everything is store-bought.  It’s your lucky year! 

Have a great weekend! 


Hooray for Tuesday

“What day is it?”
It’s today, squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day, said Pooh.
― A.A. Milne –

That’s my new best thought and what I’m going to think every morning when I get up! 

I lost about 36 hours this weekend.  Part of those 36 hours are when I usually do most of my posts for the week.  I had a relapse.  Or some kind of flu on top of the lingering cold germs.  Can there be any worse time to get sick?  Only 15 days until Christmas!  I’ve got projects to finish, cookies to bake, shopping to start! I’ve got company coming–I have to CLEAN!

Friday night we went to a holiday dinner at Glen Lakes.  Hey, I didn’t know I would be close to death by Saturday night–I felt GREAT. (Just like Tony the Tiger) I apologize to all my new BFFs that I may have accidentally and totally unknowingly passed my germs onto them.  So sorry. 

And Saturday morning, again before I knew I was almost on my death bed, we went to the Crystal River Mall. I needed to go to the music store plus there was an arts & crafts show scheduled.  I grabbed my camera–a local story! But that mall is so sad.  Even Rural King looked slow–how many camouflage couches can one use?  

So on that low note, here’s a picture of some bunnies to brighten up your Tuesday.  The name of the piece is Lapins, but I like to think of it as Rapture of the Rabbits.  

Karine Daisay

I’ll be back on Thursday with a sewing project.