Best Weekend Ever

The entire family
The Entire Family

Here we are in the middle of the celebrations for Great Grandma Shirley’s 90th birthday party.  Arriving from Seattle, Phoenix, Bismarck, DC, Tampa, and Homosassa.  We weren’t expecting Alan but he made a dramatic appearance after showing up for work in the morning and being told that the train wouldn’t be running that day.  He grabbed the first flight out of Bismarck and was in Tampa that night still in his railroad engineer clothes.  

Best Weekend Ever!





That’s me right now.  Terry and I’ve been working for months planning his mom’s 90th birthday party.  And it’s this weekend!  We have family coming in from all corners of the country.

My big part for the celebration is creating videos of her life with pics pulled together from the family.  I rarely use the software–Adobe Premier Pro–so have to relearn it every time I use it.  And this time my desktop computer kept crashing.  I ended up doing most of the project on my laptop using Windows Movie Maker.  So easy.  

Plus my ND daughter-in-law and the three grandkids are here.  Love it!  

There was no dieting this week, but being in constant motion cancels out all that bad food I ate! Another one of my diet theories.

Have a fun weekend!

Adley is almost 3 months old!
Adley is almost 3 months old!

Happy Halloween!

Maggie's the devil

I love Halloween.  Maggie not so much.  Her very first Halloween she broke out in hives.  I thought that she might have hit the candy dish and had a reaction, but no, she was terrified by all those little monsters coming to our front door.  Knocking, ringing the bell, grabbing candy.  Had to take her to the vet.  It was crazy.  

Maggie's the devil
Yes, I am the devil dog.

We don’t get many of those little goblins here in Perfect.  No street lights.  No sidewalks.  And it’s kind of creepy and dark.  But I still buy treats for the tricksters.  Except last year and wouldn’t you know, the kids that lived across the street came over.  I had to give them old stale candy left over from Jessica and Andrew’s wedding in April.  (That’s probably why they moved away.)

I’ve lost six pounds so far!  Yippee!  Four to go.  And just so I wouldn’t be tempted by any more of that Halloween candy, I bought m&ms.  Hate ’em.    

Maggie's the devil
And this is Maggie’s warning sideways glance.

Even a couple more biscuits wouldn’t have persuaded her to keep on those horns.

Maggie's the devil
Now you must be bitten!  A vampire costume would have been more appropriate.

Have fun this weekend!  We will!  (Maybe not Maggie) 

We’re headed to the Blues & BBQ Fest at the Museum Cafe in Old Homosassa.  Already have our tickets.  

And congrats Myra and Kevin!  39 years today!