Friday Meanderings

So how has your week been going?

If you live in one of several southern states your week has probably been spent with eyes glued to the TV watching spaghetti models. Or maybe standing in despair at Publix looking at the empty shelves that formerly held water or soup or other necessary goods.  Or checking out gasbuddy to find a gas station that actually had gas. Or waiting in line for sandbags. Or maybe on the road in bumper to bumper traffic.

I did the watching of the spaghetti models but was fortunate to have plenty of peanut butter, water I can get from the tap, full gas tanks because I treat half a tank of gas as empty, the house is high enough that if I need sand bags we are in a whole heap of trouble, and after one trip on US-19 on Wednesday I declared that I’m not leaving Old Homosassa again.

Only potential problem is that Amerigas–who declares that customer service is #1 on their phone message–refused to deliver any propane gas.  I called on Tuesday because it was a holiday on Monday. And the response from customer service–after I called several times and didn’t get an answer and listened to their message that customer service is #1–Sorry.  Next week maybe.  That was when Hurricane Irma was shown as wiping out the entire state of Florida and Governor Scott had declared a state emergency. But Amerigas, where customer service is #1, didn’t feel it was necessary to deliver gas even though I had signed a contract back in 2005 that they would deliver every month. Since then they only come if I call. And then they are always pissy about it.  The last time I called they said no, two weeks, and then they pulled up to the house across the street and filled their propane tank and went on their merry way.  I’m stuck with them because I have an underground tank and rent it from them–which they convinced me during installation that would be the best thing to do. It would be very expensive to have that tank dug up and replaced. But. If we run out during this Irma adventure, I do believe that might happen.

Ok.  Off of my soap box.

Things are looking bad for everyone in Florida and all the way up to the Carolinas.  We have voluntary evacuation now.  If they order mandatory evacuation, where does one go?  We have three shelters in Citrus County and only one is dog-friendly.  Terry’s 92-year-old mother will be with us along with our geriatric dog.  Neither would be very happy in the shelter sleeping on a cot. The traffic is bumper to bumper on all the major roadways from Miami to Georgia.  There is no guarantee of gas on that trip north.  All of the hotels are booked. And as we drive north, Irma is right behind us.

Governor Scott has been out there telling people to get the hell out of Miami and the Keys.  He claims to have called all the oil companies and gas is on the way.  I have never seen the governor on TV so much. Or being so concerned.  Wondering if this response is because the people of Houston were not encouraged to evacuate and he saw the negative response after Harvey wiped out so many people.  Because, after all, he is planning to run for the US Senate Seat against Senator Bill Nelson, wouldn’t want to look bad. Oh geeeeeze, I’m on my soap box again!

But in reality.  Did the good governor cause a little extra drama?

Most of the predictions are that Irma is going up the east coast of Florida.  Very bad for that side.  But rather than a storm surge–which is what happened in Hurricane Hermine last Labor Day–the water should be pulled away on the west side. But Irma could still turn.

I’m being optimistic on this one.  Old Homosassa will be spared.

But…..hurricane season goes until November.  We had a REALLY mild winter which makes the Gulf water warmer which in turn makes these monster storms.   If Irma doesn’t get us….will the next one?

We’ve lived in the south for almost four decades.  Been through many hurricanes.  This is just our reality. Just like those in the west live through mud slides and fires and those in the middle of the country deal with tornadoes.

Okay.  Now I have to give you a funny.

Jessica texted us a picture of a spider.  She lives in DC.  Guess she was wanting guidance and Terry said

“When I was in NAM…I got bit by a spider in Pleiku, yuk, and a spider bit my eye. Couldn’t see out of that eye for two days. Can you imagine shooting a M -16 with only one eye, probably not, but kill the sucker!!”

Is that funny?  Or have I watched too many spaghetti models?

I hope you have a great weekend.  We’ll be hunkering down!


Friday Meanderings

Happy September!

Got home from ND and then Jes and Andrew came to visit five days later.

We usually have a party when they come to visit with friends and family but we just weren’t ready to do that after driving from ND. (Jes said that she never saw our cupboards so bare!)

Headed to the airport right now so Jes can return to DC.

Here’s a bunch of snaps from our weeklong adventure!

I always feel like after Labor Day it’s time to get BACK TO WORK!

I’m returning to posting over on  and attempting to post twice a week on  Just depends on how many projects I get finished!

The Homosasssa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival is just two months away.

The Homosassa Civic Club returns to meeting monthly on the 11th which is also the first day of the Learning Center’s Fall session.

Time flies!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.




Friday Meanderings

We’ve been traveling.

Here’s Maggie in her car seat!


Doesn’t look very happy does she?

She did pretty well for a 17 1/2 year old dog.  But I think that’s the last road trip for her.  (Mostly because Terry and I are worn out from all that driving!)  It’s flying for me next time!

Had fun.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen some of these snaps.  But, just in case you didn’t….

girls at park
Friday Meanderings
Aunt Jes arrived for a week long visit!
Adley waiting for her guests! Such a good little hostess. She greeted everyone with a hug and a kiss!
Friday Meanderings
Faces still fogged up from sleep, the “Peterson” girls wish us good-bye! They were so tired but still so beautiful!

And we were gone!  Back to Homosassa!  Miss them all!

Got to correct some statements from last week’s meanderings.

First, the Fall After School session at the Old Homosassa Learning Center will begin on September 11th.  We thought we could get it all together by the 5th but we have a lot to do!  The new coordinator, Ruth Toner-Hatfield, met with the principal at the elementary school this week.  The plan was to meet much earlier but the beginning of a new school year is a busy time and that’s the first time Mrs. Harrell had available.  We are very excited to have Ruth running the program.  She’s a retired educator and has great ideas to make learning fun for the kids.  Last year when I was trying to coordinate everything I knew I was in way over my head!  It takes a special person with a special skill set to be a teacher.  That’s not me!

Besides perfecting this year’s school program, we also have some cleaning, organizing and painting to do in the learning center building.

The second correction is on the yoga program.  After a lot of discussion with Tiffany, our yoga teacher, and many of the students, there is a new schedule.  Continuing Yoga for all levels on Tuesday from 5:30 – 6:30, Wednesday and Saturday from 10 am – 11 am, a new class has been added on Wednesday mornings from 9 am – 9:45 am.  This is a yin/restorative session meant for beginning students.

Got more stuff going on.  Like the Old Homosassa Heritage Park.  Don’t have details yet but will share as soon as I have some.

And just gotta say, haters gotta hate.  They are still out there on social media spreading their lies and innuendos.  The community here in Homosassa is stronger than ever.  We have over 90 members in the Civic Club now. Many of them active members ready to help when the call goes out! From adversity grows strength!

The Homosassa Arts, Crafts and Seafood festival committee is pulling everything together.  This festival brings the money into the civic club that in turn gives it back to youth groups, veterans organizations, and our community.

So what’s going on for us this weekend?  Jes and Andrew are coming to visit!  There might be some….Scalloping.  Eating. Drinking, Dancing. Celebrating!

Have a great weekend!