Friday Meanderings

Happy Friday!


so how was everyone’s holidays?

I have to say that ours were the best ever! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we saw all of our kids and grandkids.

And that’s what it’s all about! Right?

Most blogs list the achievements from the past year and their expectations for new year right about now.

I’m just gonna throw a bunch of pics at ya!

But I’ve gotta say that I will to TRY to put more snaps up in 2018.  More dogs.  Maybe some cats.  Photos of a moment.  Photos that tell a story.

And I start right here!

Me and T
Me and T at the Homosassa Golf Cart Parade.  (So Much Fun!!!!!)
rescue cats
Christmas Day. The kids got three rescue cats for Christmas. Think those kittens might need rescued from the rescuer!
That’s LuLu down in the lower right hand corner wondering how that creature was able to get up there! LuLu can’t even get on the couch! This is possibly my FAVORITE photo ever!
Bowling! Andrew WINS! WooHoo!
Friday Meanderings
Addison has always wanted a rabbit for Christmas. Yes she did get a kitten this year. But she’s stepping up her dream. DONKEY!
The smallest and the biggest!
Okay. We have 8 grandkids and this isn’t one of them. She just hitched a ride with the Tampa family. Now trying to find a way that we can keep her!
Love this photo! Did anyone realize that they were all wearing gray shirts and blue jeans? They are cleaning shrimp here.
Happy New Year!
I made FIVE quilts for Christmas. This is the last one!

It was a good year for us.  We are so fortunate.  Hope your year was good, too!

Have a great weekend!




Friday Meanderings

Just a bunch of photos of two of my grandkids today!

Bismarck to Minneapolis to Tampa to our back yard!

Friday Meanderings

Next day Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River to see the Manatees!

And there weren’t any!

Still had fun!

Off to the Homosassa Wildlife Park!

Finally–A Manatee!

And then they went off with Mom and Dad–to the beach, to the airport to get Riley, and LEGOLAND!

Back in Homosassa today!

Friday Meanderings

OKAY!  I’m back!

I took an entire month off from posting here.  Sorry.  Needed a break.

Hope you are back, too.

I still have some issues with the design of this blog.  I changed it up a couple months ago because it was so slow.  Pared down to the bare minimum and now need to get it back to pretty. Thought maybe if I waited long enough it would fix itself. Didn’t happen!

So where did I go and what have I been doing and how have I been?

Volunteering at the Old Homosassa Learning Center and helping out at the Festival is kicking my butt.  I swear, I could just sit at my desk all day and just respond to FB messages and questions about the festival. Then there are the websites. And there’s always something at the learning center. Besides working with the kids, we’ve got a new yoga day and trying to get a beginnng ukulele together.

Today I arrived at the learning center after working on the festival grounds with my hair all in disarray, dirt on my old tshirt and shoes, and munching on my lunch which was a small bag of Fritos and a cookie.  Ruth, the coordinator, asked “are you going to do this next year?”

of course!  This is what I do! Love it!

I’m pretty sure that if I hold still too long I’ll remember how old I am and start thinking about my joints and that twinge in my back and wonder if I should really be wearing tights with a blue dress and knee high boots.

keep moving keep doing keep learning

I didn’t post on my DIY blog this week.  I was sewing. A lot. But it was a skirt for the new festival stage.  That’s not very interesting and it ate up all of my sewing time! But it looks really cool. I went to take a picture of it on the new stage and a couple of the volunteers were sitting on the edge of the stage. With. Their. Feet. On. That. Skirt.

Deep breath.

It’s only fabric.

And they are people giving up there time to make this world a better place.

Also didn’t get any time to write on the blog.  Sorry Diane.  I’ll be back!


It’s Friday!

What’s going on?


Where will you be this weekend?????

Stop by and say hi!  I’ll have an orange shirt on!

(And I thought I’d put a snap of my orange shirt here but it might be in the washer at this moment!)

Anyhow, here’s your dog of the Day…..

Wagster’s super power is that he can touch his nose with his tongue!