A Finished Project!

I  actually completed one of my many projects! I’m really excited about this one! Doesn’t this chair and couch look great?

I started this way back in September. I wanted a couch and chair that wouldn’t rust or rot—living on a brackish water canal causes both. I found the perfect furniture that was made out of Trex—practically indestructible.  But at almost $4000 for the set it was out of my price range!


So while checking out the Key Thrift Center one afternoon, I came across this set and my imagination went wild!  Paint it white!  Make cushions!  Only $75!

So I cleaned it up, filled in holes, primered it and then painted it a nice glossy white–the same white I use on the outdoor deck rails.  We moved it into the screened room and just used the cushions that came with it temporarily.  Because by then, we had company and then it was Thanksgiving, and then I went to North Dakota, and then it was Christmas and more company.  (Yawn, I’m boring myself with the excuses!)

After the holidays, I was ready to sew! I ordered this Premier Prints indoor/outdoor fabric and outdoor pillow forms from www.fabric.com.  Pillows were done in no time.  I had some problems finding reasonably priced outdoor foam for the seat cushions so ended up buying regular foam.

And then I went to Indianapolis, and then more company, and then North Dakota, and Cedar Key—I know, you’re thinking—just stay home!    Plus I ran out of fabric which really annoyed me and had to order more.  But finally—it’s done!  Yippee!  And I love it! 

I love it so much; I already have a coordinating chevron to cover the other outdoor chairs with!  Just have to decide which way that pattern should go!

Dogs in the Hood

Maggie had a great weekend.  Kayaking on Friday, bike rides on Saturday and Sunday, cocktail cruise Sunday afternoon, then a ride in the convertible Sunday evening.  While out and about, Maggie saw a lot of the dogs in the hood.

Maggie is usually in the bike basket when we see Bacca.  This time Maggie was on the ground.  We seldom let her get close to other dogs because she brings out the worse in them.  But she decided that she would give Bacca a wee sniff which Bacca returned with a wee snarl.



Bacca and Maggie
So Maggie decides to get a little closer to Bacca.
Bacca and Maggie
Maggie decides that Bacca can take her. Time to go!
Daisy was sending Maggie stay away vibes.

We saw more dogs in the hood while we were on our cocktail cruise.  This little Jack was on his way out while we were on our way in.

These two pooches were waiting to get on a kayak for a little ride.

This little fuzzy dog was getting some exercise making sure that Maggie didn’t get off of the boat and in his yard!

Here’s Roxie.  Jeremy went out on his boat before us and she was hoping that he was coming home.  He did shortly after us and took her for a ride.


Maggie had a great weekend and is sleeping in today. But she’ll be out and about later to look for more adventures.

Maggie says, Best Weekend Ever!



Plumeria Action

One of the plumerias has already bloomed and another is getting ready.  Quite early, but probably to be expected since we had a mild winter.


I love being outdoors but we had a lot of rain this week so I had a chance to play on my computer and not feel bad about ignoring the garden.  On one of the blogs I discovered some free Photoshop Actions.  I usually use Photoshop for cropping and adjusting the lighting but I had to download the actions and try them out.  Fun!  Here are a few of the examples:

Fresh and Colorful
Soft and Faded

Who needs hipstamatic?  You can download the actions which work with Photoshop CS4 at Pioneer Woman.  It’s all free and includes instructions.  She also has a version that works with Photoshop Elements.

Have a great weekend!