A Better View

A Better View

This was the view from my sofa.

Nice but those balusters just got in the way.


And now it’s like this!


Okay.  Pretend that gate’s not there.  

Terry wanted to take it off but I’m a worrier.  Terry added it to keep Maggie on the deck before we had the yard fenced in. Now that she’s 16 1/2, Maggie rarely goes out into the yard unless we are with her.  She’s quite happy to sleep on the couch all day.  

But, I’m a worrier.  Saw an alligator in the canal last week.  Fourth one in 13 years.  The gate will stay on until Maggie goes to puppy heaven.  One less thing for me to obsess about!

We’ve talked about replacing the balusters with horizontal wire.  We’ve seen several homes with decks that have been built like that over the past few years. Although it’s expensive it’s totally worth it to get the view.  But what was the kicker for me was that it looked like a two person job.  Although I’m all about DIY, I’m not strong enough to do the work that needs done on the deck nor do I like working with power tools.  (I just know I’ll loose a thumb or two.)

And then, during his extensive research, Terry came across this wire railing on Home Depot’s website.

 Vertical Stainless-Steel Cable Railing Kit for 36 in. High Railings

He would have to add the bottom rail, but that was easy in the grand scheme of things. (Especially because I didn’t have to do it.) Plus not nearly as pricey.  

And if we got rid of those balusters, I’d never have to paint them again! More joy and happiness!

So Terry ordered a bunch of the railing kits.  Took the balusters off. Added the bottom rail then the railing kit.   Painted.  Etc. And he was able to do all the work with no help.  Oh wait, I did help him measure.

Same view–but better!

Here’s the deck in February.


And one from last summer.

A Better View

Nice but this is better!

A Better View
Oh look, we are coming back on the boat and there is Maggie in the back yard and the gate isn’t closed. That geriatric pooch does go out in the yard.

And a couple more snaps…

A Better View

A Better View

Huge difference.  Love it! And we never have to paint those balusters again!


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