A Visit to DC

I love to go to DC in April.  The cherry blossoms are blooming along with the tulips and other spring flowers that I can’t have in Florida.

Cherry Blossomstulipstulipswhite tulips


Jes, Andrew, and Mattie the Cattie recently moved to DC so Terry, Maggie and I went up for the weekend to help them get settled.  Our niece Jodi lives there, too, so we had a fun family gathering.

Mattie the cattie
This is Mattie the Cattie’s first glimpse of Maggie. Not a happy look!
Maggie and Mattie
Mutual disdain
Maggie and Me
Maggie and I at the Farmer’s Market in Dupont Circle.
Maggie in Dupont Circle
Maggie loves the city!
The whole family
All the gang in DC!

Maggie and Mattie never did make friends but they were able to stay in the same room together.  We had a great time and plan on visiting often! 



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  1. Postcard worthy pics! I must say, even though I love Ms.Mattie, she really could give The Grump Cat a run for her money.

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