A Visit to Floral City

Our friend Cheryl flew in from Houston a few weeks ago for the most happiest day of the year–Cookie Day! Only girls allowed and we spend an entire weekend baking cookies–and laughing. Since Cheryl was here a day early, we thought we’d show her a unique spot in Citrus County—Floral City.

There are two ways to get to Floral City from Homosassa. We decided to take the scenic route—Stagecoach Trail. As we drove, Cheryl said she was a little concerned about being left in the Withlacoochee State Forest to find her way home. Silly girl!

Once we made it to Floral City, we parked at the library and stopped at the meditation garden, a very lovely spot. Then we ate a late lunch at Shamrock’s—chicken wings and other assorted deep-fried treasures. Terry missed out on the trip to Shamrock’s last month so we needed to get his input for the great Chicken Wing Quest.

Shamrock's Inn, A Visit to Floral City
Two thumbs up for the Wings!

Next we picked up some fresh produce and visited with Aunt Martha who was as friendly and full of information as ever.

Getting across Highway 41 from Aunt Martha’s Produce Stand to Frog Holler is next to impossible. While there is a light and a button to push for walkers, there’s no sidewalk. When we finally got a break in traffic and darted across, some guy honked at us.  But I’m going to assume he was just welcoming us to Floral City. At Frog Holler we checked out the little shops, concrete creatures, chickens, and plants then walked to the Florida Artist Gallery and admired the art. The artist on duty that evening was cheerful and entertained us with stories about several of the displays.

Florida Artists Gallery, A Visit to Floral City

We took the route back to Homosassa through Inverness so we wouldn’t scare our guest on the back roads after dark. It was a great afternoon and we enjoyed sharing one of our favorite places with a friend.

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