About Me

I live in Old Homosassa, part of the Nature Coast of Florida, with Terry and Maggie.  I have many interests–too many to list. Plus too many projects to ever finish! This website mainly covers my adventures in what we consider “Perfect”.

I have a few other websites.  Doesn’t everyone?  I’ve been attempting to move all of the DIY (sewing, quilting, gardening, and many more) over to Designs by KTGreen.  So if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, check that site out.

I also am the webmaster and graphic designer for the Homosassa Civic Club, Inc., Old Homosassa Heritage Council and The Homosassa Arts, Crafts and Seafood Festival.  I also co-administer these sites on Facebook.  I hate FB.  It’s a bully pulpit for many and there is no control on it. I’m usually only on there to update the community sites.

And I thought I’d add a couple of disclaimers here…

Thus far, I have made no money on this blog.  No advertisers.  No paid posts.  All thoughts, meanderings, ramblings, reviews, rants, and criticisms are prompted by no one but me!

I attend many local events and take a lot of photos.  If you see yourself in one of the pictures and you don’t want it there, just fill out the following form and I will quickly remove the pic!

Hope you enjoy our adventures in Perfect!







2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have now visited your oasis in the wiregrass and indeed, it is perfect.
    I’m happy to see Maggie. If I lived there I’d be looking for the marsh harriers in the winter time weaving their way above constantly looking for anything that moves in the grass. Mouse or grasshopper or frog. It’s name is dinner.
    Another thing that makes me glad is that you are aware of how lucky you are! Bonnie

  2. Loved seeing you and Terry. To me it was just a continuation of my wedding reception (12 years ago).. It’s blissful having no concept of the passing of time…

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