Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle

Today was supposed to be rainy. I got everything done yesterday so I could stay inside today and play Cookie Monster Mama. Then it rained early and then it turned cool and the sun came out. Now that isn’t a bad thing, but I sure don’t want to be inside…how about just opening the doors. Ahhhh,….that’s better.


Lately, I’ve been going on and on about things having to do with Fall. Pumpkin, maple syrup, etc. What else? Apples. I love apples – all kinds! My old house in Brooksville used to smell like apples and cinnamon. I miss that. This one’s just too big for all that. I’d burn down the place with that many candles! And Bath & Body Works doesn’t sell their incense oils by the gallon. That said, nothing gives a house a warm homey smell on a cold day like firing up the oven and making cookies.


But I started this little story with an apple prompt. Apples & cookies?? Who does that? I do, that’s who!  Months ago I worked up an apple studded version of an oatmeal cookie. It didn’t turn out as great as I expected. The guys liked it, but it still had nearly a whole stick of buttah!! I put the recipe aside and figured I’d ‘fix it’ later. Man, if I had a dime for every time I said that I’d be rich!!! But this a perfect day for it…Let’s Play Cookie Monster Mama…
Michelle’s Apple Pie Cookies


Step 1: Preheat that oven to 350 deg. Gather the staff. This turned out to be one of my more lengthy recipes. But a little of this and little of that and you’re on your way to a hand-held apple treat that’s just chock full of Fall wonderment. And this one won’t leave your ass looking just as dimpled as the chunky surface of these cookies!
Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle
Step 1
3/4 Cup Whole Wheat Pastry Flour
1/4 Cup All Purpose Flour
1 Cup Oats (NOT quick cooking)
1/4 tsp Baking Soda
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Salt


1/4 Cup Apple Sauce
3 Tbl Butter (very soft)
1 Egg
1/2 Cup Truvia Baking Blend
2 Tbl Brown Sugar
2 Tbl Apple Butter (my organic apple butter has serious apple punch!)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 tsp Boiled Cider *
1/8 tsp Allspice
1/8 tsp Nutmeg
1/8 tsp Ground Ginger
1/4 tsp Cinnamon


1/2 Cup Golden Raisins
2 Tbl Butterscotch Chips
1/3 Cup Apple (about 1/2 an apple, chopped raisin size)


* Boiled Cider? WTF? Well, it’s a great little secret ingredient I get online at It’s like concentrated apple flavor – get some and your pies and other apple yummies will never be the same. Boiled cider is to cider the way apple butter is to apple sauce. Hmmm, I’m thinking about an Apple Cidercar, or an Appletini. But that’s another blog. Omitting it from this will take out a bit of punch, but won’t ruin the cookie either.


Step 2: OK, you know the drill – mix the dry – mix the wet. I add the extras to the dry. The flour, etc coats the apples and keep the raisins separated. But you can toss them all in last – whatever.
Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle
Step 2
Step 3: Here’s the batter. Better get scooping. Bake these up for 13-14 min. or so. Should be about 32 cookies.
Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle
Step 3
The sun’s going down and I’ll have to close the doors soon. I thought that clock fell back? Mmmmm, a little juice and mineral water spritzer while I type, and of course do a little quality control testing. We’re professionals here folks – I can’t just send out any old recipe.
Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle
Did I mention these won’t stick to your hips! Wanna know why? Wait for it….. 59 calories!!! Whooooo Wheeeeee! I’m getting so good at this. I think I need to use my other Apple to make up a cookbook…yeah, and if I had a dime for every time I’ve said that…

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