Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Bananas Foster Pancakes

Last week, I posted a little ditty about Cognac Sauce. If you missed it, check it out – this is part two.  

The Finale, Cognac Sauce

Jack Johnson is big on banana pancakes and so am I. I love that song. A romantic morning with the one you love makin’ banana pancakes…ahhhh. Hey, I have some bananas and it’s a Sunday morning pancake day. Oooo, maybe those bananas are passed their date. Wait a minute, these are Organic bananas and they normally last longer than their skins reveal. Yup, still good – but they need to be either in a smoothie, or frozen for ice cream…or a warm banana topping. I can get behind that! I also love Bananas Foster….hmm, the alcohol isn’t really kid-friendly. Answer: Make the warm bananas and then add the cognac sauce for the ‘foster’ punch. Oh, yeah! 

Bananas Foster Pancakes:

Step 1: 

Get out that bowl of Cognac Sauce/Icing you’ve been hoarding in the back of the fridge since the holidays! Next get a couple of bananas (or 3), a pat of butter, and about a tablespoon or 2 of brown sugar. (I just used one)

Step 1 in Bananas Foster Pancakes

Step 2:

Get some pancakes going. My guys like them buttermilk and a bit thin with a little cinnamon and nutmeg in the batter.

Step 2 in Bananas Foster Pancakes

Step 3:

In a small pan get the ’nanas, butter, and sugar on low heat and everything will begin to ‘melt’.

 Step 3 in Bananas Foster Pancakes

 Step 4:

 Nearly done, give it a dash of vanilla. 

Step 4 in Bananas Foster Pancakes

 Step 5:

Bubbly and yummy, with larger pieces of the banana slices still intact. Now, without using an entire stick of butter and a 1/4 cup of brown sugar, it’s more healthy but won’t have that caramelized glossy look. That’s ok, I’m spending my calories on that slightly evil s a u c e.

 Step 5 in Bananas Foster Pancakes

Step 6: 

Oh – there it is, Cognac Sauce…mmmmmm.

 Congac Sauce

Step 7: 

Get a warm pancake or two. Add a dollop of sauce…look at it melt.

 Step 7 in Bananas Foster Pancakes


Finale in Bananas Foster Pancakes

Topped with those warm and yummy bananas…OMG ! Just enough ‘liquor’ taste left in the sauce to be decadent. Now, the kids can have banana topped pancakes minus the adult sauce.

I’ll have mine with, thank you. (Of course I ate them !!) Jack Johnson would approve I’m sure…he may even need to re-write that song.

Finale, Bananas Foster Pancakes

Michelle Beal @ Badzoot

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