Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Time to Detox!

People have been detoxing for years. Although the methods and reasons for a detoxification vary wildly. Our poor livers – how they suffer so. Detox diets and tea’s have been the fashion as of late. Since I’m always on a diet, I’m also always open to suggestions of how to down an entire 2 quart pitcher of water in a day. (ugh – who came up with that!) I thought a detox tea would be great. On the Net I found a couple – one that was more like medicine, with dandelion tea with lemon juice, and cranberry juice. One was more akin to ‘extract of tifton 44’ (aka – horse feed) with a sprtiz on lemon. (gag me!) and then there was one that I pulled from a Pin from Lovely Lauri in ND. Which, when I followed the link, found it was from Russia? OK, there are detoxers worldwide! Now this one I like. Simple and refreshing,…which is good because summer’s here and it gets hot,…really H O T !

Summer Detox Drink

First off, I have a plastic pitcher that was one of my best and cheapest finds in a long time. It was at my local grocery store in with the plexi serving ware and such. It only cost about $5 and it’s about 1.5 liter, more or less. The cool thing is that it’s tall and slim, with a strainer lid. That way I can put fruit or ice or whatever and pour without getting all that in my glass. No, I don’t know who made it and I’ve not seen them anywhere else – but if you spot one, buy it. You’ll thank me.

OK, Step 1:

Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Let Detox!

Detox Tea. I like this Lemon version because it’s not all dandelion tea (which is HORRIBLE). This is a good one, but I wouldn’t make an afternoon cup of it alone.

1 or 2 of the Tea Bags

1/2 a cucumber, sliced

1/2 a Lemon, sliced

A Sprig of fresh mint (I’ve got a barrel planted full of it outside the kitchen)

Step 2:

Put it all in the pitcher and top off with water (filtered if you can), and get it in the fridge. It’ll brew in no time. I make mine at night and there it is in the morning. It sits there bragging about how healthy it is and shames me into my workout gear…it’s very good after a workout! Minty cool.

Don’t worry about losing 5 lbs in a week either. What those dieters don’t tell you with their big detox plan is that along with their pitcher of tea daily, all they ate was saltines , lettuce and worked out 45min a day. Oh yea, I’d lose 5 lbs too if I could live like that! If you don’t drink it all in one day, it’s ok – the detox police won’t interrogate you – but don’t let it go for more than 3 days or so. The mint will turn dark and the cukes will start to not look all that healthy. That’s ok because you’ll drink this one – all of it, every day, and your liver will have been to the spa. Which it totally deserves after living with you, and cleaning you up after all those Friday nights over the years!

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Adventures in the Kitchen with Michelle, Let Detox!

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