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An Afternoon in Inverness

Valerie Theatre

We were back in Inverness–“small town down right”– last week.  Seems we’ve been there a lot recently.  This time we had a special mission and thought we’d also use the trip for an excuse to try a new lunch place.  We intended to eat at the pub right next to the Valerie Theatre but it didn’t open until 3 and we couldn’t wait that long!

Nope, we were really hungry.

An Afternoon in Inverness

So we went to Deco Cafe.  We’ve been there one other time and enjoyed the experience. My only complaint was the disposable tableware and that’s what they are still using! (Guess they didn’t read my review!)  The last visit was on a Saturday and there were only a few other patrons.  This was Friday.  At noon.  Big mistake.  The outdoor patio was full and there were only a few open tables on the inside and we grabbed one. We both ordered paninis which seemed a pretty easy order–Terry’s was even the daily special. From our table we could see people scurrying about preparing the lunches but it looked like there was only one panini maker. Like I said, the place was packed and everybody must have ordered paninis.  It took close to an hour for our lunch. Our server asked if we would like our side dish before the meal and since we were really hungry, we agreed.  Which made our plates look really empty when our paninis finally did arrive.  pesto pasta

The pesto salad is very good and includes edamame. 

An Afternoon in Inverness

Terry had the ham and cheese panini

Deco CAfe

Mine was the Tuscan Panini

We had plenty of time to look around at the decor and it very cool. The blown-in insulation between the exposed beams has been painted brown–very clever. The floors are painted concrete,   We hadn’t noticed this cool chair rail on our last visit.

An Afternoon in Inverness

Now I need a wine room to put this chair rail in!

Our lunch was really good. I liked that there was a wide selection of breads and different cheeses to choose from for the panini. I also liked the flavored ice tea.

It just took way too long.  We’ll probably go back but not during lunch hour!  

Deco Cafe is right across from the Old Courthouse Heritage Museum and right around the corner from the Valerie Theatre with the lovely park with the fountain.  

An Afternoon in Inverness

The weather was beautiful and it was a lovely afternoon in Inverness.

An Afternoon in Inverness

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