Bedroom Redo – Step 3

This is Step 3 of Michelle’s redo on her Master Bedroom.  You can check out the first step refinishing the armoire, and the second step faux painting.


The Nightstands

So, here’s the next installment in my Master Bedroom redo. The nightstands….a small job. This project has the smallest budget ever, like non-existent. So, since we’re refinishing the armoire, we might as well tackle the nightstands. These are also pieces that have been around forever and it really won’t bother me if I trash them with a terrible paint job. And, remember, it’s only paint!
Bedroom Redo, Step 3
Nightstand Before
Step 1: Remove the tops, because they kind of match the bed – and I’m not ever painting that bed. I used some of that Ultra House paint in Poppyseed that I used as primer on the armoire. Works great again. Bluish color, streaked using a chip brush to get those pesky beaded accents (stripes cut in the wood) looks good.
Bedroom Redo - Step 3
Step 1
Step 2: Hit them with the black matte paint leftover from that armoire project. Take the drawer pulls off and spray paint them with the same Steel Grey Rustoleum from the armoire project too.
Bedroom Redo - Step 3
Step 2
Finished: See, I said it was quick. They look like they go with the new look a bit better – and didn’t cost me a dime extra! Another piece to the puzzle done.
Bedroom Redo - Step 3
Next up: The Leaded Glass Mirror (that was a fun one)

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