Ch-ch-ch-changes, part 2

I usually put up a project on Thursday.  Didn’t do it last week, not doing it this week.  

But I will take a few minutes to explain what is going on just in case you only check out the site on Thursday for the DIY. 

When I first bought my domain,, the “design” referred to web design. I thought I’d make a little money creating websites.  But I really hated coding in HTML.  

(Incidentally, the K is for Kathy and the T for Terry.  Just in case he ever wanted to jump on the blog wagon.)

Then I thought I’d just blog about a healthy lifestyle–exercising, cooking, diets, places to go and the money from advertising would follow. That’s when Michelle came on board with her recipes. But I discovered that there is no money from advertising and I’m not really all that healthy.

So I started blogging about DIY and our adventures here in Perfect.  Posted lots of photos. Decided I didn’t really care if I made any money on my blog.  It’s just fun!  And that was working out well.  I get a lot of visitors from Pinterest and other DIY websites.

But the blog has gradually taken on more of a local view and now my readers are primarily from the state of Florida. (Or people that want to be in the state of Florida.)   And that’s been really fun because there is so much to do here and places to go and things for me to write about.

I’m still sewing and quilting.  Doing a few mosaics here and there. Decorating my house. Refurbishing furniture. Working in my many gardens.  But it just doesn’t fit here anymore.

So, I’ve decided to move all my DIY to a new website.  When Michelle is ready to start posting again, she’ll be on the new site as well.  

The local stuff will stay right here on Just a Slice of Life in Perfect

I thought I’d have the new site up by today, but that would mean I’d actually have to stay home and work on it.  

Come on, I have parades to attend. Pictures to take. Banjos to play.

My new goal is to get it up by next Thursday.  So be here next week and I’ll give you the new URL,

or a new excuse!


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