Clearwater Beach

Local Places, Local Faces

You may not consider a drive of 1 hour and 40 minutes as a local destination, but my definition is that if you can get there, spend the day, and get home before nightfall, it’s local.  Plus I needed a local post for today and this was the only day last week that our outdoor plans didn’t get rained out!

I’d been planning the Clearwater visit for awhile.  Thought that grandson Riley from North Dakota should visit a gulf beach with waves and sugar sand.  And we took along my great-nephew William.  I probably haven’t been to the Clearwater beach since my kids were teenagers when the beach was incredibly touristy with all those little tee-shirt shops and bumper to bumper traffic.  Still scarred from a parking ticket for being 10 minutes late to get back to my car back in the 80s.  Have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  We got there by 10 am, traffic was tolerable, and I found parking at Pier 60 quite easily.

Clearwater Beach, Local Places, Local Faces
Riley and William are too cool for posing now but I did get this one of them in the waves.  Our Florida native is the pale child, Mr. ND has quite the tan!  How did that happen?
Clearwater Beach, Local Places, Local Faces
Here’s a snap of the boys–Kind of like “Where’s Waldo?”
Clearwater Beach, Local Places, Local Faces
Pretty view from Pier 60
Clearwater Beach, Local Places, Local Faces
This was a Tuesday, this place has to be crazy busy on Saturday!
Clearwater Beach, Local Places, Local Faces
One more pic from our day

Headed out about 2:30 and just barely got out of Tampa before the rains started.  Smooth driving from there!

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    • Yeah, What’s that about? And Riley came to Florida that dark. Someone must be spending too much time on that pontoon boat.

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